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Phal (Black Cherry x Maude Raven) question

13 years ago


I bought a Phal (Black Cherry x Maude Raven) last fall at a show. It had a spike and a new growth. Now the new growth has sent up a spike, but there is no new growth I can see. It is in one of those small pots with a punt on the bottom (like a wine bottle) and slits up the side. I have not repotted it. It got a bit too much sun back in May and there is some leaf damage.

I am wondering if there is something I need to do differently to get it to send up new growth for flowering next year. As I said when I bought it the first growth was about to bloom and there was already a healthy side growth, which is where it is blooming now, but nothing new.

I am new to Paphs.

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