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organic prevention and treatment of diseases and pests

12 years ago

I have been reading about using things like: peroxide, dried molasses, corn meal, alcohol and even aspirin to treat and prevent all sorts of plant diseases and pests.

Peroxide: is supposed to help with fungus problems on the plant and in the soil.

Dried molasses: is supposed to feed the good bacteria etc... to help keep the bad ones from getting out of control.

Corn meal: is used somehow on tomatoes to prevent some diseases.

Alcohol: is used to soak seeds and seed potatoes to prevent rot.

Aspirin: is supposed to help boost the plant's own immune system. Sorta like how echinacea is supposed to help our immune systems.

Does anyone have good experience using these types of things? If so, please advise how you use it and your results.

Thank you

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