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Unwanted Rye in Bermuda

16 years ago

We moved into a new house in May of this year. The previous owner used annual rye (light green, definately not P Rye) to give the lawn color while on the market in the winter months.

I scalped it the first weekend we moved in, to damage the rye and give the bermuda a head start. I continued to mow low, fertilize correctly, etc. and had a pretty good bermuda lawn by mid-June.

I use organic fertilizer and try to stay with organic products, when possible. This lead me to not put down a pre-emergent this fall. I'm now paying the price for that am seeing a pretty heavy return of the rye. I would guess that there are 3-5 strands of rye each sqft.

I tried mowing low and often and fertilizing the bermuda during our unseasonably warm fall, to hopefully discourage the rye. Unfortunately that didnt work well enough. Now that the bermuda is turning dormant, the rye really sticks out like a sort thumb.

I'm thinking of trying vinegar once the bermuda is fully dormant, followed by roundup if that doesnt work. Any other ideas? I love an organic solution, but open to others.

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