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Need help: What is this weed and how do I get rid of it?

13 years ago

Hello all-

I've gotten some great advice so far (thanks Texas Weed). I have a half acre of tifway bermuda that was laid in late July. We had a couple of patches that didn't make it for whatever reason (I may have overwatered), and they were recovering and filling in. In fact, I posted about this a while back and TW let me know it should be fine and it will fill in...which is has. The dead spot kept shrinking until it all went into dormancy.

Now, i'm being invaded by this dark green, grassy type of weed. At first I thought it was poa annua, and it may be. However, its not growing any of the seed pods (not sure what they are called). Its just growing and growing, and I thought I would ask for help before I go and spray something on it. Its mainly in the spots that weren't thick enough of the bermuda, and them some random spots here and there.

Pictures, forgive the quality, taken on my phone.



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