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ID Vanda alliance orchid for vase culture? and what's this phal?

14 years ago

Hi I stopped at this graden store in Williamsburg near me -

there was a bunch of orchids soaking in a humidity tray and under the scorching sun.

The guy told me that was the orchids' hospital - but it seemed to me it was more of an execution chamber for Phals and Dens.

anyway I bought one small orchid of the Vanda alliance - there was no tag the guy that sold it to me for 5 $ told me it had flowered already - and I could still se e the stem - he had no idea what the flowers were like [his wife, the orchid "person" was not there. Anyway I want to grow it in this small Ikea vase I got for a dollar that seems perfect size -

I would like to leave half a inch of water at the bottom for humidity. i wonder if a root tip would reach the bottom it could cause root rot.

also - I read some people soak half hour weekly and some daily. what is teh best regimen?

these days here it is 90 F/30 C.

Also being small and having flowered I wonder if this is maybe a Renanthera. can you help me ID?

also got this Phal for a dollar a few weeks ago at Lowes. No tag. What Phal is it with the flower stem shooting up from the crown? ususally I see stems starting from one side of the base, just above the roots. scroll down to last photo.
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