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Need some opinions!

16 years ago

Hi Guys! Well, I feel bad making my own post, when I haven't even been able to get through all the other separate posts, but I really could use your help. Anyway, I wanted to show you guys something and want your opinions. I was going to say "honest, but kind opinions"...but then realized I didn't have to say that, you guys are always as kind as you can be! :-)

Anyway, as parents of the groom, we are to have a rehersal dinner for everyone standing up for the wedding and immediate family from both sides. I really don't know any of Christy's family, so I'm a bit nervous about how my invite will be perceived. I decided to make my own invitation and will be printing it out at home. I wasn't planning on sending invites at all (just do word of mouth) but Christy & Paul said personal invites were the way to go. Anyway, I searched high and low around here and found no "Rehearsal Dinner" invitations. I found a couple on line, but was afraid they would get here to late. I would like to send them out in the next week or so.

So here's what I came up with. Tell me the you think it's "too corny"? Are the crowns "a bit too much"? I just don't want Christy's family to think I'm hokey...or cheap or something (for not purchasing invites). I guess I'm just so tickled about the whole wedding thing; maybe I got too carried away....Anyway...what would you think if you got an invite like this?

Thanks in advance for your help! P.S. Hope you don't have to strain your eyeballs too much to read it...I couldn't figure out how to make it bigger. And my apologies to Frankie...I took a little poetic license with the words to the song...LOL!



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