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Organic weed control?

14 years ago

Yea, it's called cardboard, or newspaper.

Just a little side note. Yesterday when we were leaving CostCo, I had a huge pile of cardboard slip sheets on the cart along with a box of grocery items. As we were leaving the employee at the door gave us a look about the cardboard so the other half says, yea, it's organic weed control.


Leads me to thinking...

See this finger and thumb, that's my organic bug control, along with some soapy water for the stuff I just don't want to squish like slugs.

See this pile-o-stuff my neighbors think is garbage, I think it's great fertilizer or more accurately food for my dirt to make it into soil.


Ok so I'm having a good day. I got a load of Mushroom compost today, planted a bunch of sunchokes, and discovered a bounty of sweet potatoes. I have two 4' by 25' beds just ready to be planted with cover crops and plenty of cardboard to take care of some weed infested areas that can be ready for winter planting.

-As I'm counting, I think there are a good six seasons here that tend to overlap so three different crops in any one location is reasonable unless they are particularly long season crops.-

Anyway, I'm rambeling, Have a happy garden everyone!

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