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Need help on getting my lawn under control

9 years ago

Hello I'm needing some help on my lawn . I bought 2 acres that once had cows and stores round bales of hay. It has been a couple years since the cows and hay has been removed but the grass is trash . I'm in the process of building a house on the property now and I would love to have a good lawn . It has some very thick Alfa Alfa patches and a lot of thick junky grass and some centipede . I had someone tell me that I should roundup the entire yard then plant Bermuda so if it ever gets contaminated again I can just spray it with cimaron and kill the weeds but keep the Bermuda . I'm not against killing it all and starting over but I'm very un educated when it comes to this sort of thing so any help would be appreciated . I could upload any pictures needed to show what I'm dealing with if needed . I'm in north Louisiana. Land has low to zero shade . Zone 8 . I work out of town so I'm gone a good bit so something that requires a ton of maintenance may be a problem for me .

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