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Pics, Xmas Phal Still in flower and.....

...there's more to come both on the 2 original flower stems and on the new flower stalk I spotted today!! I just can't believe this plant, I have lost count on how many flowers it has made. It was my first orchid ever and you may recall it's the one I had from my son/partner at Christmas and I'm afraid to say it has got me hooked right and proper! here's a pic taken today....sorry this may turn out to be a long post, but I am so excited!!!


My next 'tentative' purchase being new to these plants, was the Cambria I wrote about recently, the one with the wrinkly pbulb that I was concerned about and the bargain plant that was due to be tossed as it had done flowering....well it now has two flower spikes plus the new shoot I mentioned, so I will be very interested to see what colour it turns out to be, I will keep you posted...


It was my birthday a few days ago and on a visit with d/h to a local market town I just *happened* to spy a stall with lovely you guessed it, orchids for sale, all at VERY reasonable prices, £5 each, so naturally I got one, (had to buy it myself though!) The label says it too is a Cambria of some sort but I was amazed at the colour/patterns...and yes, it too now has another spike pushing out as you can see below...


Then, to round the day off, on returning home the first thing I saw as we came round to the greenhouse was a colourful flowering plant that was definately not there when we left....another orchid, a birthday gift from my sister!!! As you can see it's a Phal again but it has much larger flowers than my original one, it to is lovely....


I am so pleased with these plants, I realise they are only 'beginners' orchids compared to what some of you may be growing, but I like them so much. Wonder what will be in store next?



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