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Help with large overrun yard

10 years ago

Hi. We bought our home 3 summers ago and have been working on several indoor projects since that time, ignoring our front and back yard. My focus now is on the back yard. We have a small ugly but weedless level area of yard that is fenced off from a large (about 1/3 acre), sloped major segment, which is the part i am concerned about right now. It is totally overrun with huge weeds. I'm talking so overrun that you can't see the ground. It literally looks like an amazonian jungle. When we first moved in we had pulled out as many weeds as we could but obviously that have grown back exponentially. My vision for this yard is to clean it out and just plant grass and eventually fence it off but I don't know what I should do first. I read about smothering and it makes sense to me, just don't know if it would be practical for such a large area. I was going to pull out the weeds first and i figured it was best to wait until the fall. As a note, the underlying soil is hard and of poor quality as it appears the prior owners had buried glass and other construction debris in the back yard.

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