Unknown flower / possible Allium?

The original owner is no longer around to ask so I'm hoping someone here might be able to help identify a plant I recently acquired. Obviously, photos would be ideal but I was unable to get any while looking its best. I didn't have a camera with me at the time and asking here or the need for a photo actually hadn't even occurred to me at the time anyway. I ended up simply planting the bulbs and hoping for next year. If it will help, I could still get a photo of the, now, not-very-healthy-looking head.

Each has one single, interesting, spiky, flower atop a 4 foot (or so) tall stem looking like a freeze frame from a fireworks display. My guess is that it's in the Allium Family but this is only a guess and I certainly could be wrong. It has bulbs. Either when crushed or otherwise, no part of the plant: leaves, flowers, bulbs, stem, etc. smell even remotely like onions or garlic ...which isn't to say it doesn't smell. Its smell is a little hard to describe. Not pretty, fragrant or flowery, not fruity or herbal. It's more a chemical smell --possibly a little sulphury, though I think "rotten eggs" might be a more appealing-- and would probably be described by most as a stink rather than a smell. It's been a while but, as I recall, skunk cabbage might smell similar ..but, I think, better.

With this description, I'm sure some wonder why I didn't just leave it there. Though it might smell bad, it's not that strong and not that much of a "turn off". It's an interesting looking plant.

This may be a longshot without a photo but I believe anyone familiar with this plant will immediately know exactly what I'm talking about. Thanks for any input.

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