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koi dying exposed to cold

10 years ago

Any advice would be appreciated!

I procrastinated turning my waterfall off for the first time in 7 years of having my pond. Temps down to 2 below zero. Ice diverted my waterfall and drained my pond down to 6 inches deep for about 18 hrs. there was 2 inches of ice on top, which was broken in pieces, which were down into the water at all angles. Don't know how much of the bottom 6 inches was ice, or where fish were.When I came home and saw what happened, I immediately refilled with cold water, with dechlorinator. My pond is about 15 ft long, 5 ft wide, 40 inches deep with no plant shelves. 4 days later, temps are up in 50's and raining, so water is still turning over. My pond gets runoff rain from house, 7 yrs now, no ill effects. Ice is all melted, pond is up 4 more inches, and found 2 dead fish, one large and one small. I can see some still alive in the middle on bottom. All are butterfly koi, from 14 to 30 inches. Dead fish removed.

Anything I can do to help them at this point?

waterfall is of course off, with pump in middle again to aereate and keep hole in ice when temps go back down.

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