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Advise for newbie, Please... Weeds/Fert

16 years ago

Hi, I am new to lawn care and looking for some advise on the best way to get rid of weeds in our Bermuda. I've been hand-pulling and using spot treatment (WBG) but realized I no longer catch up with the speed they grow here in Hawaii. We recently moved here and this is a temporary housing and we wouldn't want to invest too much on the yard. But it is getting the point where it's too ugly to look at and I've got to do something before weeds take over the whole yard. We have all sorts of common weeds as crab grass and also very invasive Beach Wire/Crow Foot Grass. I was avoiding to use chemical but I think it's time to do something more than dealing with them individually. Here are my questions:

(1)How effective are those Fertilizer with Crabgrass Preventer/Control for killing weeds?

(2)How long does it take to see the results?

(3)How long do I wair for overseeding after the Fert?

Any inputs and advise are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

P.S. I mentioned BeachWireGrass and here's a pic of that. Could someone tell me what's the best way to deal w this?

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