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Filled my pond with surface water, how can I filter and clean it

13 years ago

Ok, I'm near Phoenix, AZ, and I bought a house a couple of years ago that had an unfinished pond in the front yard. It's made out of concrete blocks and poured concrete. The size is a bit hard to estimate, It is about 24 inches deep maybe a little more in the middle and it's an odd shape, maybe 8 feet accross both ways (I will get more accurate measurements later). We're having a huge storm here in water always pools up in my backyard and I have to pump it out so it won't come insides, so this time I pumped it all into the pond. Now I'm thinking about what I can do to treat this water and clean it up good enough to put some fish in it.

There was a "waterfall" feature before, but I got rid of it because it was ugly as sin. The neighbors kept complaining that it looks like a tomb, so I'm thinking of just putting some kind of a water fountain feature in the middle of it to aerate the water and putting koi or other fish in there to control mosquitoes. Any ideas about how I could clean this murky water? Obviously it would have better if I had captured rainwater off the house and used it, but even that is probably pretty nasty because of the pigeons on the roof. Even if I just want to keep the water for later to use for watering the garden, I need to sanitize it because we do have dogs.

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