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Santa Barbara Orchid Fair

13 years ago

I went, I saw and I was not conquered. Went to Santa Barbara with $153 in my pocket and the plastic and check book safely at home and returned with $3.03.

1st stop SBOE to see what's on the $7.50 table. A little calculating showed I could get 19 plants. I picked out:

Cattleya schroederae

Dendrobium antennatum

Epicat Mattutina

Epidendrum arbuscalum

Eria canvallarioides

Eria spicata

Laelia praestans

Lycaste longiscapa

Masdevallia pyxis

Oerstedella schweinfurthiana

Oncidium montanum

Oncidium phymatochilum

Platystele misera

Pleurothallis hypnicola

Pleurothallis matudiana

Restrepia brachypus

Stanhopea hernandezii

Stellis purpurascens (Got 2 of these, one for a friend)

Including tax that came to $149.97. I gave them my $150 and pocketed the $0.03 change! Now on to the Show.

As I approached the parking gate I realized I did not enough left for the $5.00 parking fee. Told them I was delivering plants for a vendor and they waved me through. Now the matter of entry into the show. That's accomplished with a bag of orchids, the ones previously purchased and the question: "Where is the plant hotel?" Immediately got sent there and I parked the plants and went on to the sale area which has a back entry into the show room. The show was OK, so what else is new? The sales area however sported many interesting plants which, if only I had my credit card, I would have purchased in a heart beat. So I looked at them longingly and eventually made my way back home.

I actually promised to look for some plants for some one so (this is the honest truth) had a check in my shoe, but had the discipline not to remove my shoe. Reminds me of Father Parducci (SNL) who, when arriving in Japan, was only able to sleep on the hard futons because he had some Qualudes in his shoe.

Good day over all. I would like to hear what other people bought.


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