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Do you change/refresh sphag on your mounts?

13 years ago

In another thread, a successful grower says she refreshes sphag on her mounts when it looks old (hope I got that right) and then replaces it completely every year or so when she repots the potted orchids.

Is this a component of culture that I've missed - or forgotten (always a possibility!)? What IS in my brain is people leave their mounties undisturbed for years and remount only when the plant has run out of room.

Before that, when feasible they'll circle back new growths so they can fill in empty spots on the front of the mount, fill up the sides and back, and plug in keikis until new growths have no place to go but the air. :) (A bit of an overstatement for effect.)

So this means for years, some mounted plants are getting air circulation, water, nutrients, etc. to roots in old sphag. Obvious, I know - writing out loud as my brain creates a new path...

So, do others refresh/change sphag periodically? At the least, it sounds like an option to consider if a mountie gets stressed.

Thanks to the forum member who mentioned this. WC

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