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Nutritional value of plants

10 years ago

I know this is a bit off topic but I can't seem to track down a forum for this particular question.

I am wondering if there are any guidelines as to what parts of the plant (cabbage for example but it could be any plant) that are the most nutritious.

For example are the inside lettuce leaves as good , nutritinally as the outer leaves?

Again , when carrots get a little woody or fibrous are they nonetheless just as nutritious as the tender young roots?
Same with potatoes .Are the new potatoes better than old ones or do they just taste nicer?

I am not asking for a plant by plant expos�but are there any general principles involved ?(obviously the fresher the better but that goes without saying)

What about crops that stay in the ground over the winter ?
I have noticed that fennel can get watery and flavourless.Would that be an indication that they have less nutritional value than when they are growing strongly in the Summer months?

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