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preventive actions - organic fungicides/pesticides

12 years ago

I'm 100% for organic gardening/no tilling/mulching/own composting etc. and I'm now even buying some Californian worms to speedup and improve my composting so I am hoping for some much better results in the garden than I've had lately (thanks to the internet and helpful people !) BUT my "outstanding" problem seems to be in the area of insecticides/fungicides.

I want to avoid harmful pesticides and fungicides altogether but for example curling leaves on citrus were not solved by garlic or soda bicarbonate/edible oil and after talking to the local gardening supplies shop, I used a mix of piritherin based pesticide and white oil - I didn't like doing this and want to avoid it in the future.

The problem may be that I need to do some "preventive" spraying or spray organic fungicides/pesticides more frequently - can anyone give me some pointers on this ?

At the moment the only issues I need to solve are:

- spotted whitening leaves on an aronia plant

- curling citrus leaves (I presume aphids)

- tomatoes - leafminers (at least it looks like that on the leaves + beatels

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