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Fall Applications for Spring Diseases of Warm Season Turf

14 years ago

For those of you growing Bermuda or Zoysia in zone 6, 7, and 8.

RIGHT NOW is the time of year to be planning and/or applying your first round of fall treatments for prevention of the two most devastating diseases on warm-season grasses.

Spring Dead Spot and Large Patch are the most common ones according to NCSU.

Click on the links below:

Spring Dead Spot

(Most all bermudagrass varieties plus 'Meyer' and 'El Toro' zoysiagrass)

Applications for spring dead spot can be initiated anytime now, with a repeat application made 4 weeks later if needed depending on prior spring severity.

Large Patch

(All warm-season turfgrasses)

Applications for large patch should be initiated when the five day soil temperature average is 70 degrees. A follow up application may be necessary in 4-6 weeks if disease pressure was severe in years past.

BE SURE TO REMEMBER that both of these diseases are in the soil, therefore you will need to either apply your fungicides in a high volume of water or water-in immediately. Applications made after our first hard frost will not work, so be sure to get these out beforehand. Also, be sure to document patch locations next spring via digital photography, hand sketch, etc. in order save money by only having to spot treat next fall.

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