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I'm stupid. I got bit by my own dog....

18 years ago

The boys got into a fight yesterday and I grabbed Guyu by the collar and started pulling.

CRUNCH....Loyal got my wrist.

I am so lucky he realized he had a hold of me. He let go pretty quick but the strike was hard enough he did some internal damage (no broken skin but my wrist is swollen). I can't imagine if he had held and pulled. I'm 100% sure I would have needed stitches.

As icing on the cake Ocean comes over says "get bit? Don't get close to sharp end you should know better.." Grabs Guyu by the tail and has no problem getting them apart.

This makes me realize how frail humans really are.

The dogs were barely damaged(except a few face bites)....I'm lacking a lot of the nice contour under my thumb with a half hearted bite.


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