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18 years ago

We need some advice on improving our garden soil. I haven't had a soil test, yet. I suspect we have nematodes and there may be some other things wrong. It is about an acre, in full sun, sandy, mostly well/drained. It has been farmed for 2, long generations. The vegetables have been rotated. The soil has been ammended from time-to-time with leaves, chicken manure... We have used 10-10-10, sevin, vegetable dust... Maybe 10 years ago, we had a cover

crop of red clover during the Fall and Winter and plowed it under. It has been many years since my dad put a liquid chemical, in a can with holes in the bottom and walked down freshly plowed rows to kill nematodes(probably banned the chemical he used--it was so long ago).

Symptoms of something gone wrong: dark brown areas in the middle of turnips, tomatoes don't do as well, various pepper plants die or look bad, eggplant does OK, but have seen it do better. Things generally don't look as healthy.

The garden is mostly plowed up, now.

What can we do to get it ready for the Spring?

Is it too late to treat it so that we can have nice turnips this Fall?



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