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Organic Newbie Seeks Advice

11 years ago

Greetings, organic gardeners!

I am a relatively experienced gardener, but I am new to organic gardening. I came to it today by accident, actually, when I was fortuitously offered a coveted plot in an organic community garden. The plot needs a lot of weed removal, but I hope to plant it with various greens, beets, carrots, etc. in the next few days.

My question is simple: What are the organic fertilizing basics I should know as I embark on this project?

I don't have compost yet, or anything really, and I've been told to view mass-marketed organic ferts with suspicion.

So, what are some simple things I can do to enrich the soil in my plot? Coffee grounds? Egg shells? Seaweed? Fish emulsion?

Please help a burgeoning organic gardener get started!!

Muchas gracias!

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