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New 1 acre organic farm/garden question

8 years ago

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum.

I have read through a few threads on similar topics but would greatly appreciate any feedback.

I am starting a 1 acre organic farm/garden next spring, and will be working it full time.

I will not be relying on this for my income, but maybe one day hope to.

I know there is lots of debate about whether to till the grass and turn it over or to dig it out with a tool like a sod cutter. I'm leaning towards cutting it out but I haven't fully made up my mind.

My question is, should I remove the grass in the fall or in the spring? I know its not optimal to leave the soil bare over the winter, so maybe a cover crop would be ideal to plant in the fall.

Which would be best:

1. Remove the grass in the fall and plant a cover crop
2. Remove the grass in the fall and get together a bunch of leaves that have fallen and shred them up and mix them into the soil
3. Remove the grass in the spring and plant immediately

I have had a soil sample done with the following results, which I have provided in case they will impact what course is best to take regarding the above:

PH = 6.8
Phosphorus (mg/L) = 3.5
Potassium (mg/L) = 74
Magnesium (mg/L) = 250
Organic matter % = 5.0

Based on the sample, the annual fertilizer requirements are:

Nitrogen (kg/100m^2) = 0.6
Phosphate (kg/100m^2) = 2.0
Potash (kg/100m^2) = 1.6

I have no idea what this means and have been searching around for someone that provides interpretation services and recommendations.

Thank you all so very much for your feedback.

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