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Related to putting outside for summer temps

Until Recently we lived in northern KY where i had a plant room. Small A/C unit in window for night temp drops, heater for higher daytime temps, humidity is 55-70%. Light was according to what they need. I have mostly phals, 4 catts, one oncidium and one cimbidium . Only 25 total plants. We moved to Middleburg FL just south west of Jax where night temps are in low 70s but days are 90+. I have the same setup in my new plant room. I would love to put the orchids outside for a few months. My non-orchids certainly appreciate the outdoors. From the AOS culture sheets and lots of posts at this forum I know our humidity here is right on but daytime temps which are in low 90s might be too high for some. What do you think?

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