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#268 'And what is so rare as a day in June?'

16 years ago

Good morning Idylls,

"And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days; Then Heaven tries earth if it be in tune, And over it softly her warm ear lays."

Author: James Russell Lowell

I ran around all day yesterday and it seems like I got nothing done. Arrgghh!!! I hate it when that happens. So maybe today I can get Dougs garage cleaned out. We got some pretty biggy-big thunder storms last night and the lights flickered a bit, enough to reset all the digital clocks but not long enough to be a pain. WeÂre lucky, some are still without power and we are in another flash flood watch.

Sue, I was enjoying your garden pics again and was wondering what that beautiful grass is in front of your W ÂWine and RosesÂ? That is such a gorgeous combination with that rhododendron. Is that a yak type? Also, how wide and tall is that wegelia? I planted one in my terrace garden next to the large cimi in the second tier and IÂm hoping it isnÂt too difficult to keep in bounds.

Cindy, I agree with you 100% about SueÂs eye for dramatic combinations. My favorite from her gardens last year was the patio area next to the garage. She had a canna lily that looked like it was on steroids. Her patio with the bananaÂs and brugs felt like you were in the tropics. Simply fantastic! ~~ Here is a long shot of that clump of ÂBeverly SillsÂ. In past years it has been an indifferent bloomer but it is outperforming itself this year for some reason. I wish I knew what made it do so well.


Eden, thanks for checking in. Looking forward to hearing more about how you are doing and seeing pics of your containers.

Babs, how terrific that AJ isnÂt bothered by storms anymore. That must be a huge relief. ~~ Glad to hear the musical was a big success.

GB I so know what you mean that it is difficult to see the early clematis fading away! My lovely ÂAsao is just about done and it is time to get out the pruners. IÂm thinking IÂm going to cut it right back to the ground to start over again as that bottom growth is so twisted and woody it probably is the best way to go. Looking forward to pics of your gardens???

Mary, I canÂt believe how grown up Annie is looking! She is lovely, just like her mom. ~~ Mary, I donÂt know what that red iris is because it was a gift from a friend and she doesnÂt keep labels but I can send you a rhizome if youÂd like.

IÂm really excited about my rugosa standard this year. IÂve been working on this for at least fifteen years and the side stems are finally getting thick enough to really support the flowers. I thought the fuchsia standard looked good on that corner to echo the shape of the rose.


Just look at the amount of buds on this baby! The flowers that are open right now are enormous.


Have a great day all,


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  • babs_clare
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Heh heh-if I just pick all the favorites of each of the idylls I can have an instantly gorgeous garden; )

    BTW Michelle I was oohing and aaahing over that bee in the baptisia and how MUCH of it you have-cracks me up that I have a...'stick' of it! Maybe it's my soil. Hey you have a beautiful garden there-you must show us more pics more often-it looks like lots of great stuff there! I have to agree I have always liked the variegated iris but haven't gotten any yet. The coloring on 'Vera J.' is pretty-does it keep that (foliage)coloring as it matures?? That geranium is pretty too-I'm going to have some hard choices...the list grows!! Being able to see pics of your faves really is helpful-thanks ladies.

    Ei I liked your recommendations-too infact that clem you posted is really one I'd be interested in or at least that type-I guess I need a pergola; ) Neat to hear both you,Monique and Deanne like 'Blue Fortune'-I have it too and it's looking great this year-huge. I do have a second one that shrank and I hope it takes better in its new home with more sun. Since I have a deer problem I don't usually buy hosta though I have a few types I don't know the names of-ferns I have too-cinnamon and a dryopteris(sheild fern?). I'll have to scrounge up some fern pics in my garden for you.

    BTW Michelle,since you can't find nice containers you must make them; ) Hypertufa!: )
    I meant to say the story of Kenzie and the mud puddle was so cute(always cute when it's someone else's child lol). Ryan is one of those kids who can always find a puddle even when it hasn't rained. I was curious to know how she reacted to being muddy and wet.

    OK everybody(I didn't say 'guys')Ei needs a group hug...(((Ei)))). If you are goofy than there's *no word* to describe myself...Ei you have nothing to worry about!

    I am so sorry Monique because you feel under the weather but I bet you looked really cute with cotton stuffed up your nose: ) HEy a gardener's gotta do what she's gotta do! It's OK I tease Chris when his ears bother him-he stuffs them with cotton....I wonder if his ears *really*
    Allergies are certainly the pits this season-our privet hedge is about to bloom and it's hard to go near it my eyes get itchy. I actually shear it before it blooms so I have somewhat less pollen floating around-I'm sure it doesn't make that difference though. Feel better soon.

    Taryn Funny I at first thought your pic was of an unusual hellebore(but wrong bloom time!)and was going to ask. Is that a penstemon behind the allium? Just a beautiful allium-I like the form and coloring. You weird? Nope! The weirder the plant the better; )

    Mary I love that rose pic!

    OK I need to look busy now-HAVE A GREAT DAY the SUN is out!

    Hi Marian,Wendy and Cindy!


  • taryn
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Morning! Deanne and Michelle, forgot to comment on your lovely garden pics, which were stunning! And T, love that velvet-eared elk! All the cards were just beautiful...

    Thanks for all the congrats on the house sale. I heard from the agent a little while ago. They just got back to him today and have doctor's appointments to go to, so it will be this evening before we get a response. I tossed and turned all night so hope we don't go back and forth overnight again. It will be SO nice to firm everything up!

    Mary I sent you a note, but forgot to comment here what a lovely and enduring memorial that will be for Susan and the girls. I too would love to see pics from start to finish. Hope it brings you some closure too...

    Cindy, get checked out if you are tired, and don't stop if your regular MD can't find anything. Been there done that as you all know. Adrenal fatigue and low thyroid (undectable by blood tests) were making me so low on energy, but supplements for both plus mega B vitamins have made a huge difference. I ran out of the thyroid supplement for a week a while ago, couldn't find it locally, then finally found it through the company that supplies my Lakota. I went right back to needing 12 hours sleep a day and no energy, then perked back up after 4-5 days of taking it again. So if there was ever any doubt it was thyroid-related, there isn't now (and I won't run out again!) Hope you find some answers and feel better soon.

    Hi Babs! Will think about your perennial question--3 favourites is it? I haven't read a lot here, just skimmed.

    Well I am really stalling here. Need to call lawyer, insurance, my bank, my mortgage broker, compare rates with different movers, etc. Would rather be playing on the forums, but guess I better get crackin'.

    Hi to all, and have a good day!


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  • gardenbug
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    So the whole posting is lost. ARGHHH!

    A quick summary.

    Taryn, congratulations once more. Have you heard from Janie at all?

    Sue. The hostas are huge here this year too!

    Ei, thank heavens we are all different! Too bad we are not all cute, sensitive, verbal, family oriented, funny and musical. Oh! We are! :-)

    I promised to show you the insects DH brought me from Shanghai. He said they were for 'Gardenbug" Aaaaw! He watched the man make them from reeds.


    One of the hostas taking over the shade garden, for Sue.


    Today, the Atlas poppies bring cheer:

    Later Idylls!

  • Marian_2
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Ahhhh, most of the mowing is done again. I have got to quit trying to mow under all my shrubbery with the rider. I got smacked in the eye with a juniper! It stung, but is not red, so guess it is okay. It is my newly operated on eye, too. Then I dragged a twig through my mouth!and got smacked in the face with limbs! Yargh! I said to myself, " I'm going to get hurt if I keep this up." The push mower is in a shop, and it looks as if they will 'never' get to it. I may just buy another. That one is pretty old anyway.

    Ei, I think we both have complexes, Yours is what you say, mine is what I do not say, and what I look like. At least you are not seeing me. :-)
    I find your posts very cheery, and kind. Your picture stories are exceptional ( Sorry, you asked for no more compliments...but the truth is the truth! ).
    I have problems with compliments also. I do not think I excell in anything. When someone compliments me, it really depends on who is doing it. If the person brags about everybody in the same way, it loses it's meaning. If the person thinks everybody is 'wonderful', regardless of who and what they are, it rings untrue in my mind. We can have concern and consideration towards all, but not approve of evrything they do. ( Woops, I am getting tooo close to my soap box!)

    Yes, Eileen, my new range is electric. I am afraid of gas, and only used one for short time in the mid 1960s when we lived in a mobile home.
    And, no...I have not been "bamboozled" :-)
    I am sorry the iris cristata didn't 'take'. It must have been due to the drought, although they grow across rock ledges here.I have them in several differant locations in my yard. I have just stuck wayward pieces here and there, and they all grew. I hope I remember, and send you some more this fall.

    Taryn...Whoopie! What great news about your sale. I will keep hoping nothing goes sour.

    I am still disappointed with the range. The casserole turned out okay. It would have been better if I'd had the right ingredients, and had greased the dish so the stuff hadn't stuck to it! :-( The pie was fine. I baked it yesterday morning and took it to our church's monthly dinner on the grounds.

    Marie, I am really disliking the digital stuff on the range. I am convinced it is already fouled up. I didn't set the timer this morning while baking the biscuits, but it went off anyway!???? Also, the biscuits do not brown satisfactorally, even when I put them on the uppermost shelf. The power blinked off sometime this A.M., and the clock had to be reset. Bummer. Things just are not made good anymore. LOL on your "black hockey tape".

    Deanne, mea culpa! It is NOT a Streptocarpus that is so large! It is the Evolvula! I don't know why I keep getting those two mixed up! My Streptocarpella croaked!
    I am beginning to think I need a proof reader before I post. ( Marie has a lovely large strep. I remember the pic.)

    Babs, I have a list of what blooms here from the start of summer until fall, but all of mine are 'generic' plants. Nothing fancy. They are:
    Hardy hibiscus
    Goldenrod ( mine are wild species)
    Phlox ( the tall, preferably mildew free, types)
    Resurrection lily
    Scarlet lobelia
    Sedum spectabile varieties
    Sedum Autumn Joy
    Agastache varieties
    Asters ( These are the wild ones in my yard )

    Mary, that is wonderful what you are doing in memory of your friend and her daughters. It makes me ashamed of my inability to think of doing such good things. I do hope you post a picture of the completed memorial.

    Sue A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY ......I hope it was a pretty day:

    Hi to all that I failed to 'speak' to... Wendy, Cindy, Monique,Michelle, Chelone,Teresa,and those who have not posted on this thread. Has anyone heard from Lisa and Jerry in Oklahoma?


  • chloehoover
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    There was too much to comment on that I wanted to but missed, so here I am (again)...

    Michelle I meant to mention your gardens are looking lovely why is it I cannot grow Iris pallida? I think Ive had 3 plants and they just droop away into non-existence...... You & others here seem to have it as a "snap" bummer to me.....
    And cute Kenzie youre so lucky!

    Monique yes, the visual of the nose cotton just what all we allergic gardeners need to add to our "uniforms" I think bout that time some white-coats will show up at my doorstep to take me away....grubby and trying to fend them off w/ the hose. PI is always a problem in my gardens because I back right up to woods some little piece is always lurking unseen, no matter how hard I try & always starts on my hands (that have been in gloves) go figure.

    T I wanted to say that elk with velvet was waaaaay cool! Ive never seen that, city/suburbanite me I loved reading the info Ei supplied thereafter. See, the things one learns here continues to amaze me.

    Marian Im sorry the new oven is giving you fits things seem to come with so many things "defaulted" to them these days that could be whats going on w/ the alarm.. Hang in there and read the manual I would imagine if its off, somehow you can get your electric company to come test it (they do that in our area) before you call the appliance company or maybe someone from the local appliance retailer would come check it.

    That's too bad to hear about VFN, Sue - seems like a lot of terrific nurseries are struggling or closing - I'd hoped to get there sometime this year since they're not doing mail order.

    Ok lunch over thinking I guess I should do some real work. Hope I havent left out too many folks this time.


  • honey_mi
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Happy Birthday, Sue!! Happy Anniversary, Marie!


    Taryn, congrats on your sale! Whahoo! Thats fabulous news. But Im so very sorry to hear about your friend, Bruce. Its just so sad. Youve been a wonderful friend to that whole family. Im sure they treasure you and appreciate all the very thotful things youve done and are doing.

    Mary, your tribute garden sounds just lovely. Youll have to post pix! BTW, IS THAT ANNIE?! Wow. You know, shes looking more and more like you. And so grown up already.

    Ei, you are part of this group. And a great addition, too, I might add. I think we all get that feeling that once in a while. I often dont comment on each and every post b/c Im busy, too. I do enjoy reading and hearing what everyone has to say and about whats going on in their lives.

    Monique, hope youre feeling better!

    Fabulous pix, everyone. What a great, talented bunch you are.

    Well, heres our latest visitor. I just had to tell her to go back into the woods, again. Shes been around quite a bit lately, a couple times a day even when the kids are screaming out in the yard next door. Perhaps I should double dose my garden with LF:


    Despite working on the sprinkler system all Sat., there are still problems with it. And Im still plugging away at getting my plant ghetto in the ground.

    Today, supposedly, the part to fix our A/C has arrived. Or are they lying? Again, Im sitting here seething and waiting for the service guy. Is this "PATIENCE" TRAINING?!! If so, Im failing miserably. The latest excuse is that the service guy had to go to court this am. Immediately after that, he was to come here for the rest of the day.

    Yesterday, after sorting thru summer clothes and deciding what to take on vacation, DH requested I accompany him on a shopping trip (DH wants to go shopping?!). Amazingly, he bot loafers, sandals and flip flops. I tried on a few things and all a SMALLER SIZE. Yeah! While I was in the changing room, DH was hanging onto my stuff for me. Im sure he had one of those blank, bored looks on his face. Ennyhoo, a woman came up to him while he was waiting for me and said, "You know, your purse really doesnt match your shoes." I just cracked up when I heard about it.

    Enough jabber from me for now. I need to save up my energy to kill someone. Hi to Michelle, Babs, Wendy, Cindy, Marian, Deanne, T, Eden and anyone I forgot to mention. TTYL friends,


  • babs_clare
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Marian-never mind about 'generic' plants-I probably have just as many generics as you do and I have to say that if a plant blooms well and isn't tons of work to maintain then generic is fine! The deer found my generic echinacea today lol.
    It also helps to get feedback from so many people to remind me which plants I'd probably overlook. Thanks for your long list!

    Cindy-I saw your post after I refreshed and thanks for your suggestions too. I can imagine the Phlox winning out but then again the Salvia Cardonna is sounding intriguing...I will go see what Kalmeris is: ). I am going to have a hard time choosing I have a feeling.Fun!

    Honey check the bushes-you probably have a ditched fawn laying somewhere. The momma comes by to feed the little one then goes back to get her own food(our gardens; ). We had a similar thing happen-tons of people around on a Sunday afternoon and the doe kept hanging around...the next day I find the baby laying next to my compost pile and it stayed for a couple days then went off into the sunset with his mom. Even though we complain about them it's a neat thing to see one up close.
    Honey I just love your garden!
    Hilarious about Tom's purse lol.

    Can you tell track season is over and the homework load has slowed down? : ) Are you sick of me yet? lololol.

    I miss Eden!

    My big event of the day was Ryan falling/flipping over the porch swing. Oh you guys-it was horrible. I watched him flip back wards so his body seemed to bend in half backwards. Although you'd think his back would be injured he landed square on his mouth. I had him lay still while I had him squeeze my fingers and had him wiggle his toes-all was OK. Teeth are fine-just a FAT lip. The heart palapitations were mine. This is prep for my health aide job...gulp.

    I suppose now I should think dinner.

    ~bBas(I think I'll leave it like that)

  • just_t
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Hi, just came home from town and checking Idylls. I've not read anything yet but was disturbed by something I'm seeing at the right top corner of each person's posts. There is a smallish white box that says "Clippings Clip this post, email this post.........etc". I know we're in a public forum but 'Wow' does that little white box make me feel a bit more uncomfortable and a reminder that we're sharing in a very open and public forum. :o(

    Be back later..(hello to all!)

  • chloehoover
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Well, the good news is I see Gardenbug's photos are "back" as well as wonderful ones from Honey...
    the bad news is... yes, I too noticed at lunch this bizarre "clippings" thing in this area of the forums.... seems totally inappropriate. If you just click "most clipped" you get the oddest assortment of "clippings" - we will definitely need to monitor more carefully any personal info/etc...

    Babs -- you just got emergency training on the spot in cool, calm and collected -- glad Ryan is "okay"

    Taryn - thanks for the info -- I suspect a lot of my fatigue has to do w/ the allergy meds I take -- but they are a necessity - I tried going off 'em & doing other things -- but it just didnt work....bummer. But I'll keep the thyroid biz in mind (my DM has that problem).

    An lovin all these photos!!!!

    Off to Home.


  • ccsuzy
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Hello Idylls,

    I've just been so busy lately and when reading just could manage that, too pooped to post. All the birthday pics were gorgeous! I have some pics to share with you today. Of course, nothing looks like this now, because we had a torrential downpour a couple of days ago that lasted about 45 minutes and pretty much killed the show.

    Taryn, I'm sorry to hear about Bruce. I know he's at peace now and in a better place. I'm also very glad to hear about your house selling, and I hope you get a yes on your offer on the new one. Think of all the fun you will have doing new gardens! In a way I envy you - I'd love to know the things I know now and start with a clean slate.

    Marian, I have one of those ranges that are all push button but I love mine. It's a Maytag Gemini - has two ovens on the bottom, and I use the smaller upper one most of the time. It was pricey but well worth it, in my opinion. I have had two repair calls on it - both were covered under warranty although the second one shouldn't have been since a mouse ate through some wiring. I've even used my pressure canner on it - I have the flat top also. Maybe the beeper was telling you the oven was heated? Mine doesn't have a preheat setting per se, but you set the temp and then it beeps when it reaches that temp.

    Honey and Babs, I've had deer in my yard too, but so far they pretty much leave the flowers alone. Hope that continues, or I may have to get an outside dog again to keep them out of the gardens! Sweet pictures...

    Ei, I can't believe you feel not part of the group, as I thought you were always part of the core group! But you Idylls always make me feel welcome, even though I don't post much, and I learn so much from you all. I feel very inadequate with my beds, but I am learning how to improve them thanks to all of you.

    Today's UPS man brought a box from Bluestone with four clems. Now I have to get the teuteur mounted and maybe a couple more trellises. What do you all feed your clems? Mine seem to do well for a couple of years and then languish a bit. They probably need food - our dirt here is horrible. I keep mulching and amending and someday it will be grand, but not yet. They never die, they just don't perform like I want them to. Anywho, I'm amazed that I can get clems in the mail that look better than most of the ones at the local box stores...not broken at all! They are beautiful. I got: Betty Corning, Guernsey Cream, Josephine, and Purpurea Plena Elegans. Bluestone also sent some shrub fertilizer pellets with them, to be planted 4-6 inches away from the vine. I'm wondering if these would be good for ALL my clems. I might look for some at Lowes.

    I'm hoping to get to Lowes tomorrow, if I can get the menfolk to allow me to NOT go with them. They are going the opposite direction and car shopping (again) and doing other stuff that I'm NOT interested in. I'd rather do my own thing than be cooped up with the testosterone all day. I have several things on my list to look for.

    I also don't like the new feature up in the corner. Wonder where that came from?

    OK, time to post a few pics and then get dinner started.

    Double Delight and Splish Splash

    One of my containers:

    The Peony Bed

    Another container:

    A Pink Peony:

    Rose - I have the name upstairs but can't remember it right now...

    Pictures of the road between us and our neighbors after the storm:


  • Marian_2
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Suzy, Yes , it peeps when it has pre-heated, but it also peeped during the baking, and it wasn't set on timing. I may up-grade to a more expensive one with dials, not buttons.
    Your flowers are beautiful. Wow, what a river down the street!

    I discovered those uninvited boxes also, and clicked on the "most clipped" after reading Cindy's comment. At least I didn't see anything from the Idylls....yet. I do resent having them in our faces.

    Ooooo Babs, Thank goodness Ryan is okay, but I imagine you are still shaking.
    Cute fawn, and great pic. I wish they weren't so hungry for my plants. :-(

    Marie, All I got was red xs when I first saw your post, and they wouldn't open, but now I saw them.....Beautiful flowers, but you can have the bugs! LOL

    Cindy, I read the manual, but even if it is easily fixed, I do not want that sort of set-up. I am hoping the range that I buy now will last me the rest of my life, and I sure don't have faith in that digital system. Another of my booboos.....:-(

    Honey, I sure hope that doe doesn't move in on your gardens. They are very tenacious once they find good food in your yard.
    I guess your DH wasn't too thrilled with the woman's remark about the purse, but it is funny. Naturally she was just ribbing him. :-)


  • gardenbug
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    That clippings thing is yet another visual delight...NOT! Oh well, we're all still here anyway.

    My morning post that was lost included things I am gradually remembering:
    To Babs- How about clematis shopping when we are together at V's place? I'm sure we might find a nursery or two there....

    Eden- How does your garden grow? Hope everything is fine!

    Honey- You're a stitch! Murdered anyone lately?

    As to the photos vanishing, that's what happens when the university system is down. Sorry that happened. At least they got things going again.

    I weeded and weeded again today. The trouble is, if I ever finished, I'd just have to begin again. At this time of year I have to use bug spray, and I hate it!

    I hope that Taryn gets a good sleep tonight, and that all goes for the best as concerns the new home!

    This will be a tough couple of days for DH...but lots should be resolved by the end of the week. Cross fingers and toes please!


  • deanneart
    Original Author
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Good evening idylls,

    Well I had a busy, busy day here and got a lot accomplished but as usual not everything Id hoped Id accomplish.

    So Im wondering if this clippings garbage is why we were having trouble getting into GW for the last couple days. I dont like this business one little bit.

    Sue, great you can see your way clear to doing a CT roving garden dinner in July sometime. Hopefully in the first couple weeks sometime. Doug is supposed to have his foot surgery the middle of the month so it would be best to be before. Now we just need to get Monique/Les on board and perhaps Martie??? That would be cool. ~~ Glad to hear your shade gardens are looking great. Ill bet your hosta are enormous this year with all this rain. My S&S are looking really great this year too.

    Cindy, RE the fuchsia purchase; glad to help out! LOL ~~ Yes! You are another Nora Leigh fan. Cool ~~ Im so lucky that Im not allergic to poison ivy. The only time I had any reaction at all was thirty years ago we were practically wading in the stuff and we were burning brush and I know there was PI in the fire. Everyone there that day blossomed out in really bad cases of it and I had two little blips on my arm that went away in a couple days.

    Babs, my Blue Fortune bloomed for months last year which is one reason I replaced the missing plant. I really love it. I think Ive got some kind of buggy or slug kind of thing that is chewing the new plant and the sick one from last year to bits and I cant figure out what is doing it. Earwigs maybe? ~~ What a wonderful photograph of that fawn! ~~ How frightening to see Ryans fall. So happy to hear all is well except for a swollen lip. Children always amaze me with just how resilient they are.

    I miss Eden too!

    Monique, so now I know why one of the ladies at the gym has poison ivy on her nose. I couldnt figure that one out. ~~ So what are you and Les doing the beginning of July?

    Taryn, I hope you have positive news tonight.

    GB love the Gardenbugs! how cute! ~~ Im like you in that I absolutely hate bug spray and sun screen is on that list of things I detest too. ~~ Fingers and toes are all crossed here. Hope things resolve the way youd like.

    Marian, no worries, I sure wish you had a Streptocarpella that size! Ill have to make cuttings of that plant for you since you dont have yours anymore. It really is a pretty one. Youd love it and it is just making flowers like crazy right now. It is really happy in its new container.

    Honey, wow that is a gorgeous iris! Your gardens are looking fabu-fabu right now. Bummer about the deer. Im also lucky that I dont have to deal with them here yet. How are the dahlias doing? Mine are just lingering and not doing much since the weather turned cold again. At this rate I wont have flowers until August.

    T, I agree with you about the clippings thing. Looking forward to hearing more from you soon.

    Suzy, beautiful pics! I love that begonia/verbena/Ipomoea combination. What is the dark purple plant in that combination. Is that that basil? It is the color of the iresine I have in one of mine. ~~ That orange sherbet colored rose is just stunning! ~~ That photo of the flooded road is unbelievable. Too bad you cant send some of that water to Cindy.

    Well, Im going to be super busy until the weekend so I probably wont be able to check in or post so dont worry if you dont hear from me for a few days.

    Nite all,

  • taryn
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Lovely flower and bambi pics! Babs that 'lil guy is so cute! Yes dwarf Penstemon, good guess. Suzy nice to see your roses and containers. Bug, Janie emailed me her condolences on Bruce's passing, but I haven't gotten back to her yet. I have dozens of emails piling up, but will see how she's doing when I write her. Miss her and Eden and Woody and others MIA too...

    Well I'm exhausted but had to share my good news. We bought the house! The one I linked before with the HUGE 2.56 acre property! Got a fabulous price, we are very happy, AND they're leaving the pool table! Bonus! August 8th is the magic day. Here it is again for any who missed it before, rest linked on photobucket below.




    I'm sooo glad we can start to move forward now! Gots to go, man oh man I'm going to sleep like a log tonight after all this!

    Taryn :))))))

  • Monique z6a CT
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Congratulations Taryn and family! What a great house!

  • yeonasky
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Taryn congratulations on the sale and the new home! Looks like a wonderful house! The home and garden look like a perfect place for an Idyllunion. :)

    I'm so sorry that Bruce is gone but so glad he went peacefully. With the loving support of family and friends I'm sure the family will come through the grief the way they're supposed to. Hugs to you all and peace too.

    Belated Happy Birthday Sue. Hope you had a wonderful day. Sorry about the gift the dogs brought you, though. Tell them you prefer a card the next time.

    Marian I love the way you handled the Home Depot, and I know you won't stop until you're satisfied with the stove you got. I hope you go for it and upgrade to what you want. You paid the money and should get something that works for you!

    Ei you're going to have to fight me for the title of the Idyll wannabe most out of step with the others, lol. I'm not a great gardener, can't keep up with the group on the daily chatting, am so anxious and moody that I can't feel confident that I'm liked from one moment to the next. Try to beat that. Nah nah nah nah nah. ;;;))).

    GB fingers and toes crossed. Best of luck to your DH. BTW thanks for posted your inspirational Clematis pics again. Today I bought my fifth one, thanks to you and keep adding more to my list of plants I want.

    Honey so sorry about the Stephen King type machines and days. It sounds like a household horror movie to me. Hope everything gets straightened out quickly.

    Dorthe is doing better, thanks for your support everyone. We went to the Neurologist today and got the great news that there is no sign of stroke on her MRI and MR Angiogram and the test also rules out Multiple Sclerosis, which can also lead to stroke like symptoms. So she's off the Coumadin (Rat Poison) as of today, HURRAY! Maybe some of her atypical symptoms will disappear. Like her inability to sleep, etc. I hope so. The symptoms have been worse than the Atrial fibrilation ever was. Thanks again for you kind words for Dorthe. She appreciats them greatly.

    I really owe you all birthday pics for all the lovely ones I received from you all. I just haven't got the picture taking knack yet, though. I'm camera shy from both sides now, sigh... Anyway thanks again for the lovely birthday cards and for just being you Idylls.

    Hi to everyone I missed. Unfortunately I have to work on paperwork a bit tonight as Richea needs the info for tomorow. I did take time to work out at the Y with Dorthe so I'm ready to sleep now. Ah well it's not to be.

    Take care all. Night night.


  • Full_Bloom
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Good Morning Idylls!

    I'm going to have to keep this short as I have lots to do and today is another chemo treatment for sis. Wasn't in a very good mood yesterday. I don't know for some stupid reason, it just hit me yesterday, like a ton of sister could *not* make it. How stupid of me not to see that as possible, but I don't know I just believe that with treatment (and she seems to be doing so well), she is going to make it. Well, I'm going to continue to believe it, but yesterday was a little dose of reality for me.

    Anyway, on to better thoughts...thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts and feelings with me. I *do* feel better about the whole thing.

    Yeona - I couldn't believe that you said that! How could anybody do anything *but* like you. You are one of the most sensitive, thoughtful, kind posters and I always enjoy reading your posts, as I know everyone else does too! :-) You always say just the right things to make someone feel better and it's always so apparent that you really *think* of other's problems and try to come up with thoughtful suggestions on how to help and are always so encouraging. Good to hear that things are looking up for your sister. Glad she can be off the Coumadin. My dad was on that and I know that it helps, but it's just awful to think about the fact that they are taking poison!

    Marie...I *love* your bugs! They are so intricate. It must have been *amazing* to watch the guy make them! What a thoughtful gift from hubby. Those atlas poppies are just so charming. I've never heard of them. Are they annuals or perennials? Crossing my fingers and toes!

    Babs! Okay all you idyllers...don't throw any tomatoes at me...but I am in *love* with your baby doe Babs! What an adorable little thing. Don't you just want to pick him up and snuggle him up to your face?! Great picture...I can't imagine the patience and control it must take to get close enough to take a pic like that! Seriously, I do understand the terror they can instill in the heart of a gardener and I'm glad I don't have them, but they sure are beautiful! So glad to hear Ryan is heart would have been racing too! I was thinking the same thing as opportunity to practice your nursing skills, but tell AJ only scraped knees from now on, mom would prefer to get her practice on the job. Oh, I wanted to second the recommendation for Rozanne! A wonderful geranium. I also like Brookside too. Funny thing about Rozanne...the one in my backyard garden is *super*, but the one in front lingers, but just barely and I can't figure why. The only real difference I can see is that the back yard *is* sunnier; the soil is the same in both locations.

    Honey, I'm with Babs...I *love* your gardens! Funny, I never realized you were backed up to a woods. I thought you lived in suburbia like me. What a wonderful backdrop for your gardens, though I can imagine the challenges of woodland wildlife. So sorry about your patience being's been way over tested I think. I cannot deal with contractors anymore...reminds me of the nightmares we had when we put the addition on our house. I will never buy a house to renovate again. It will either be new or I will live with it "as is". I just couldn't go through it again...the frustration! I hope that all your contractors come through with their promises and that all will be peaceful in your household again.

    Cindy! How exciting! I didn't know you were coming too! :-) Which reminds me, I have to get a hold of V.

    V if you are reading this could you email me your phone number again or if you are better about where you place things and still have *my* phone number, could you call me tonight, or whenever is best for you? I know you have been very busy and have a lot on your plate, so I haven't wanted to bother you, but I'm panicking now, realizing the Idyllunion is so close!

    Marian - I am so proud of you and have much admiration for your determination to get what satisfies you! Good for you! You paid good money and should get what you paid for. I'm not too thrilled with the "most clipped" either and like you, checked to make sure none of the Idylls posts were there...LOL! I would *love* to see you anytime! :-) I know I've told you before, but *I* happen to think you are beautiful both inside and out! :-) In fact, I don't know if I ever told you this, but you look much like my ex-neighbor and "2nd mother", Mrs. Shack. I miss her terribly! Your sky is beautiful by the way, so blue and I love clouds! Reminds me of when I was a kid and I would lay in the grass with my bestfriend Maria and try to "identify" the clouds..."That one looks like an elephant", etc. Thanks for reminding me! :-)

    Hi T! :-)

    Hi Deanne! I hope Eden's just busy with that new walkway and working in the garden...I miss her too! Glad you saw that firey yellow thing in the sky yesterday... hope it's back for you today again! No rain here yet, but we are expecting some tonight.

    Taryn...that house is *fabulous*! Oh my, I am bowled over...good score! Hope everything goes through as smooth as silk! I'm *so* excited for you and couldn't be more excited if it were happening to me! :-)

    Suzy...what a *woinderful* wake up for me! Love all your luscious pics! Could your rose be 'Pat Austin'? It reminds me of her...she's a beauty! Love all your containers and all your peonies too! :-) Sorry about the rains, but what a lush and beautiful property.

    The starlings have made a resurrgence here, I'm sorry to say. The resident hawks made short work of them for the last few years, but this year the hawks seem to be missing!?! So now the starlings are having a noisy feeding fest in my front yard...well they have to eat too, I guess. But they just bully all the other birds and take over the territory.

    Today I failed to remove my goal of 15 exclamation points...but I'm in a rush! :-)

    Okay, I have to be going now...Hi to all I missed. Have a great day all! Ei

  • Full_Bloom
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    *Duh* Babs! Just read over my post...I meant *Ryan*, but typed AJ! Okay...gotta go.

  • babs_clare
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Such wonderful pics yesterday-Suzy you've got beautiful flowers! Wow that flooding is terrible. I'm guessing that was an unusual storm? Your neighborhood looks so pretty. HOney and I are both on the edge of wooded areas so naturally the deer spill into our yards. In fact Chris almost got run into(in his car)in front of our house lastnight by a large deer. Instead of herds I now call them *packs* of deer(it sounds more ferocious; ) Do you have wooded areas too? I think deer take the same path over and over so maybe you are away from their path-I hope they don't find you lol.

    Yeona you took the words out of my mouth-Taryn's new home is PERFECT for an idyllunion! Forget hotels,we can pitch tents(who groaned?)! Taryn,what is the long narrow building for? Would that be the plant factory??: ) You also have plenty of room for a green house or two!

    Yeona I'm glad Dorthe doesn't have all the health problems that were suspected-such a worry for you all. I hope she figures out why she can't sleep-how difficult that must be. I remember when my mom was depressed and how she could only get 3 hours of sleep a night and it was so frustrating for her.
    Nice that you took Dorthe to the Y-you take good care of her.
    NO ONE is a bad idyll!: )

    GB those bugs are cute-is that one on the left a cricket? They bring good luck to your home.
    Somehow I think that if you took me clematis shopping I'd buy many more than I can handle lol. I do plan to look here but if the IU3 schedule allows I certainly would appreciate your clematis guidance at V's.

    Gotta get up and go,the day's awaiting


  • babs_clare
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Well that settles it then,Ei-shall I ship the cute fawn by UPS or FedEx? : ) He's/she's got a cousin around here too if you'd like a pair!; )


  • michelle_zone4
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    We were predicted thunderstorms last night. We didnt get them, but no rain either. Things are getting really dry and the grass is turning brown. More rain predicted for the weekend.

    Taryn, I took another look at your new house. Wow, what a lot of room both inside and out. It is a lovely home.

    Deanne, I got geranium Nimbus from Bluestone, I havent seen it locally. Your comment about being crazy reminds why I like it here so much. You all are just as crazy as I am. LOL
    Babs, actually, I could bring you some cuttings of the sedums and a variegated iris fan in July. Save room in your suitcase. LOL Vera Jameson does keep its burgundy coloring all season. Im sure glad Ryan is OK Hypertufa, LOL just what I need is another project. Have you done it? I should really post a picture of my trough garden that I made this year. An actually calf feeding trough, not hypertufa trough. That fawn is just the cutest thing, but you can keep him. We have our own Im sure.

    Bug, the bugs are really cool and your poppy picture is stunning. Good thoughts going out for your DH.

    Cindy, Ill send you a piece of the variegated iris when I send Blue Denim.

    Honey, I would just love to sit on your lovely bench. That spot looks so serene.

    Ill bet Eden is very busy planting all her containers. I believe she has 6 days without Bella.

    Suzy, your containers are fabulous.

    Yeona, great to hear from you and so glad to hear that things are looking for your sis.

    Have a great day all

  • chloehoover
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Suzy what pretty photos! I love your combo of Splish Splash & Double Delight. And your peonies Wow (in case you hadnt already figured out I love those things, fleeting as they might be). Clematis are definitely a contagion here so join the rest of us nuts.

    Gardenbug I forgot to mention the "bugs" your DH brought you those are so clever & lifelike amazing theyre woven.

    Taryn O my love your new home! What are you going to do with the outbuildings? And something tells me youre very happy with that wonderful master bedroom closet LOL! It looks great. I concur youll have rooms for all of us to do a Canadian IU holy cow, thats a lot of space!!

    Michelle Id love to give both those iris a try altho you may have to give me some pointers on the pallida since I seem to be failing in that department somehow! Your area & mine must be on the same latitude since all were getting are misses in the rain department its hard to drag hoses when the rest of the folks are "swimming"..but at least its in the 70s temp wise flirting w/ 80 as the week draws to a close (& yep, more promises of rain towards the weekend remains to be seen).

    I also meant (I keep forgetting so many things) to say how glad I am to hear that both Yeona & Eis sisters seem to be doing pretty well, all things considered. Im sure all those positive thoughts/attitudes are showing results.

    I have enjoyed our lovely sunshine at least today at lunch lots & lots of touristas are also here in D.C. Now, Im stuck back in the ofc to throw some more paper around. Babs, ups that fawn to me here at the office it would liven things up a bit! (yes, Ei I too am overly fond of exclamation points but I think all the glorious photos one sees here warrants them).


  • gardenbug
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Here we are enjoying mid 80 temperatures. It is a bit too hot for gardening at mid day, so I came in and made lunch for DH who is working at home for the day. Then off I went to see if the doctor or nurse could check my thumb. I won't describe it in detail, just to say that a week ago I tried to remove a thistle from the lawn and part of it took up residence in my thumb. All was OK until yesterday when funny things began...and it hurt. So the nurses were able to remove some plant material, put goo on it and bandage it, telling me to keep it clean. Yeah, sure. Guess I HAVE to wear garden gloves now. Might even have to wash them- what a concept!

    Picked up another sprinkler on sale today. They just don't last with our water clogging up their sale items are the way to go.

    The weeding is going so slowly. They say the temperatures should be cooler by Friday, so perhaps I can do a blitz on Friday and Saturday. I hope so! Boy, I hope T's daughter is managing OK. Being pregnant with twins in summer heat would be something else!

    Watching baby robins develop in their nest. Saw a swallowtail butterfly yesterday, a couple of monarchs today, as well as a hummingbird.

    A few from the farm today:
    Corn behind the barn

    Rose Morden Sunrise

    Clematis Niobe

    Enjoy your day! Hope to hear from V, Eden, Marian and other missing persons soon.

  • veronicastrum
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    >nudgenudgeso yeah, V. is back... I'm now calling myself V for "Victim of Simple Minds". I was doing really good at the graduation on Sunday until the very end. It was a beautiful, sunny, blue sky day, and all the graduates threw their mortar boards into the air and then the P.A. system played "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds, and I turned into a lump of blubber, or was that a blubbery lump? Okay, I bawled! It was a very nice day and impossible to believe that both my kids are out of high school (or as I have been saying - done with the free part of their education).

    Sue, I missed your birthday! Hope it was great.

    Taryn, how exciting about the house. I can't help but believe you were meant to stay put until Bruce was at peace. I hope all the pieces continue to fall into place.

    It has been crazy busy lately and I shouldn't even be doing this now, but I miss everyone! Ei, I will email you my number as soon as I post this. I think I have your number but it's at home and I can't double check right now.

    Tonight I pick up DS at the airport and he's home until after the grad party this weekend. I'd better run now so I can get a little more of this mountain of work resolved!


  • Marian_2
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Hey, Marie, I'm here . I posted just before you did last night. Thank you for that farm picture. It is making me homesick. I love the look of well tended fields.

    Dear, dear Yeona! You are very definitely liked ! Aren't you one of my adopted daughters?
    I'm so happy that Dorthe is doing better. BTW, how is her name pronounced ? Is it the same as Dorthy ? I had a distant cousin, that was close to my mother, that's name was Dorthea.

    Taryn...Woo Hooo ! Wonderful, wonderful news about your new home ! It is a beautiful place. You will have such a great time giving it all your own personal touches, both inside and out. That would give me a huge adrenalyn rush .

    Ahhh, Eileen, If only I could see me as others (you) see me.
    I would gladly be your "3rd" mother...:-) lol
    Hang in there with your hope that your sis with beat this challenge. I have seen it happen. It is in God's hands.

    LOL V , you are blessed with the ability to "blubber". I wish I were. It takes much too much to 'reach' me. But then, when I was your age it was easier.

    I am struggling with the decision as to how and where to get a new computer. Our son would take care of that for me if he wasn't set back so badly by the divorce. Any of you that have Dells, did you purchase them from their computer site? Tim says they are very prompt with their delivery ( I haven't told him about my HD snafu... the new range is to be a surprise).

    I started taking the second prescription Thursday, and have been having pretty constant nausea, and difficulty sleeping.I'm pretty sure it is the med. I return to my Dr. this Thursday.

    I bought some of those California strawberries, that are like rubber. ;-(
    ( I need to get to the local farmer's market).
    They are soaking in sugar, and I made shortcakes from Bisquick a while ago. That blasted oven just does not bake things right!


  • yeonasky
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Thanks everyone. I love Idylling with you all no matter what so I stay and suffer through my angst.

    Anyone like to hum? Anyone get sinusitis? I read the article, linked below, which says that a Swedish study found that humming helps sinusitis so I thought I'd share this non invasive treatment with you. Alena, my DD, gets bad sinusitis so I was looking for ways to help her.

    Yeona, humming while she works.

  • gardeningmary
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Hi everyone

    I'm here, reading along but posting time has been limited.

    I think ALL the Idylls are great - and yes that means Ei and Yeona too. I echo all the sensible things said by others on that subject. We value everyones contributions, enjoy our common interests and delight in our differences. Thats what makes Idylling so much fun. I'm sorry I rarely have the time to comment individually but its never from lack of interest or appreciation.

    Wonderful pictures again.

    Babs - can I clip your fawn?

    I do agree about the Clippings being an obnoxious addition to this forum and am going to write to see if the powers that be would condsider allowing Conversations here to drop the clippings box. Does anyone know who to contact directly?

    The days are racing by as we head towards the end of the school year. I have visits with children to finish, parent conferences I still need to schedule, packing my supplies at two schools for storage over the summer and a mound of paperwork to complete:0( I'm also hosting our annual end-of-year get together so somewhere I need to actually do a little housework. And what I really want to be doing is working in the garden.

    After school was lovely today. We swam in the pool, I talked on the phone, nipped over for an Iced tea with 2 friends then grilled South West Turkey burgers for dinner. I need to run now as I'm helping Annie Study for finals and tonight we're doing Monera and Protists. Anyone know what they are - I'm not sure I do?

    have a great evening all


  • ccsuzy
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    OK, OK, Im running on adrenalin right now. I had to run to the next town for some fabric for a piece of needlework, and of course I HAD to stop past Lowes. While I was there, two of the employees started pulling all sorts of perennials, gallon perennials, and stuffing them on a rack, and marking them to are you ready? FIFTY CENTS each. I couldnt believe it. I hardly ever find bargains like this (although one year I got gallon daylilies from them for $1 each). Naturally I dug out the best of the lot and added to the shopping cart.which was already plant ladenlist of goodies to follow. When I got home I carefully placed them here and there, hoping to hide the carnage from the hubby. He just wouldnt understand

    Ei I think that rose is Pat Austin. I love love the Austin roses, and isnt this one gorgeous? It seems to like it here, so far. I have several Austins but some do better for me than others. Of course, how I plant them has changed over the years, and Im sure thats helped too. I have a Mary rose that is really pretty this year, although still small, for the first time. Its been in the same spot for about 4 or 5 years now, I think. I feel lucky to live where we do, despite the soil. Its a short street with only 6 houses, one being the one on the other side of the "river" which ends the street. We have medians with trees. Weve had to take a couple of them out in the last couple of years, but Im hoping to replant there someday.

    Babs, anytime we have a lot of rain, this area floods. The water runs down from a farm field and overtakes the small culvert there (usually dry) and runs over the road. It will run behind the next neighbors house and out into a field behind them, eventually finding a stream that runs through a nearby golf course. However this usually happens only when we have long continuous rain, not in the 45 minutes it was pouring this day. You cant tell by this picture, but this water was running rapidly, too. Ill have to take a picture of the road there as it is normally. And we have wooded areas nearby, and the deer do run through here. Ive seen footprints near my deck, have seen them run between our houses and have had to stop for them on our street before. Maybe they know I have a schnauzer LOL.

    Taryn, Congrats on the house purchase. I envy you with all that clean space, how fun. And the house looks just lovely also. Its big! May your family enjoy many blessed years together in your new home.

    Cindy, thank you for the complement about Splish Splash and Double Delight, but I cant really take any credit for it at all. I planted a Splish Splash in a nearby bed, and the very next year I had two volunteers in the rose bed. I left them to make sure thats what they were, and to let them mature a bit and now Ill probably just leave them permanently, despite their haphazard placement. I also have a volunteer purple coneflower near one of the roses. Im letting it be for the time being, hoping it will multiply a bit. Its parent is in the same bed as the Splish Splash and very crowded by an energetic campanula that I love but rip out gobs of each year. Some of those peonies are absolutely HUGE plants they were planted by my father in law, probably 30 years or so ago. I always think of him when the iris and peonies bloom.

    Tonight as I was bending to look at my prizes, I heard a distinct buzz above me. I glanced up to see a ruby throated hummer light on the feeder. He sat for a bit and then flew off. Seconds later, another hummer swooped in for a snack. He had no sooner started to eat than the first hummer chased him off. All this only about 4 feet from my head. I love hummingbirds!

    OK, as promised, heres the list of the 50 cent gallon perennials which by the way were in pretty good shape, I thought. Some of these I have but wouldnt mind a couple more, you know how that goes Goblin Blanket Flower, Pink Pearls Tiarella (2), Astilbe Erica (2), Hardy Gloxinia, Pink Bleeding Heart (3), Achillea Mary Ann, First Love Dianthus. For 25 cents each, I got two small pots of White Swan Echinacea (these havent even bloomed yet but are budded). Of course then there were the full price perennials Echinacea Sunrise, Echinacea Sunset (this one smells good!), Echinacea Ruby Star, Royal Heritage Lenten Rose, Pikes Peak Purple Beard Tongue, Clifford Moor Catchfly (this one has nicely colored leaves), Hocus Pocus Geranium, and a Revolution Hosta. I have a lot of planting to do in the next couple of days! I was very pleased.
    . Off to bed before I turn into a pumpkin.


  • Sue W (CT zone 6a)
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Oh man, I can't believe's raining here again and is supposed to rain for the next three days. At least I've got the compost pile covered now. We have tickets to a garden tour on Saturday and a garden party to go to on Sunday. Supposedly it's going to be decent for the weekend though...good grief!

    Tom got another load of tumbled bluestone last night for the hot tub patio. He actually got it all installed too but needs one more load to finish. The stone and mulch place closes at 5 during the week and is only open til noon on Saturdays-not exactly user friendly for us working stiffs but we're dealing. Do you think he'll get the last load and finish in the rain tonight? lol That may be a bit much to ask.

    Taryn, congrats on the house! All that untouched property...imagine the possibilities. To be able to actually choose your own trees and create garden rooms from are going to have so much fun.

    What is this clippings thing? I've been afraid to click on it because I don't want to get bombarded with spyware and pop ups. Whatever...

    OK, I've got statememts to get issued and a staff meeting in a few minutes. Hi to all!


  • Full_Bloom
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Good Morning Idylls!

    Okay Babs! :-) I'll be awaiting delivery...don't forget to poke some big breathing holes for my new baby! :-)

    Thanks are right, it is in God's hands and not much that I can do, but be there to support her and wait and hope for the best. Have you contacted the store that sold you the new stove yet? I'm sorry it's not working out. Hubby did buy his Dell direct and seems the order and delivery went very smooth from what I remember. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but I just don't get that involved in the "electronics" dept. Sorry about the that the new BP medicine you are taking?

    Speaking of electronics, I think there may be something wrong with my camera or possibly the software for pics? Or is it just the photographer? I notice the color on my pics these days are not coming out true. First the clematis I posted did look pink and it is definitely a purple lavender color and then Deanne commented on my blue watering can (and it does look blue) but it is most definitely a purple. Anybody have any ideas and/or suggestions for me? Even the pics I posted today are not really true. The rose has a lot more orange and pink in it and the lilac flowers look kind of "green" in my pic. What could I be doing wrong? Or, is it the camera/software?

    Taryn! I went and looked at your pics again. It's just amazing! What a beautiful home you will have. I love all the big molding. What will you use the shop buildings for? A friend of my parents in Tenn. turned an old log cabin on their property into an arts and crafts was so neat! Do you do "artsy" things too? I mean *besides* growing fabulous plants in your greenhouse and in your gardens. I'm thrilled with your hardwood floors on the 2nd floor. That's a luxury fantasy of mine. In the next home (hmm, I seem to say that a lot), but in the next home I would love to have hardwood floors upstairs and down.

    Speaking of new homes, hubby says he definitely wants to put the house up by fall and says we will probably have to remove a lot of the gardens and put in grass, as he thinks all the work would scare people off...he could be right. Well, whatever happens, I am definitely taking my tree peonies with me (even going to attempt the huge one) and a few of my favorite herbaceous peonies, my dictamnus, my acanthus, a few irises, special plants given to me by friends and family and/or are slow to mature perennials, and maybe even a few of the smaller trees and shrubs. The trick will be to time everything right.

    Michelle...I was so excited watching the weather news last night. They said a storm/rain was working its way through Iowa and headed our way. I was dancing in the kitchen for the both of us! Well, the rains completely passed me up...I hope at least they didn't miss you? Everything is very dry in my garden and worse because I wasn't able to mulch this year or last. Oh well, what are you going to do? I have watered individual plants when I see something looking stressed, but cannot afford to water it all. I'm glad that I didn't really put in any new plants this year. Sure hope we don't have a repeat of last year. Meant to tell you the other day how lovely your garden bed looked. Very nice textures and colors. I think I need to look into the sedums more. I still am sorely lacking in the edging department. I cheated again this year and used annuals to fill up the empty space because I just can't seem to figure out what to use as edgers. I did go out and buy a couple Stachys cause I remembered how nice they looked in Deanne's garden. Maybe now I'll add a few sedums too. I really like your tall does she get? I need things that are about 1 to 2 feet tall.

    Not a lot of posting going on here. I hope Sue and Deanne had better weather yesterday. It's so ironic how depressing too much rain or lack of rain can be for a gardener.

    Oh there goes a bunny...I'm beginning to dislike them very much. Yesterday I noticed that a bunny had completely stripped 3 lilies I had planted last year in front of my Carefree Delight roses. I'm perturbed because I didn't get to see them bloom last year and would have liked to see them this year...Grrr! Oh well, such is life in the garden...I do have other lilies that they somehow managed to miss...I will enjoy those! :-)

    Yeona...I have sinus problems all the time, so I was very interested in the humming suggestion. Hmm...maybe I'll start humming all those songs in my head.

    Mary sounds like you had a lovely day, very relaxing...simple pleasures really are the best! :-) Reminds me of that song from some commercial many years ago..."Life's simple pleasures are the best...all the little things that make you smile and glow, all the things you know, life's simple pleasures are the best, are the best, in all the world." Anybody remember what commercial that was for?

    V - sorry I missed you last night...I sent you another email and will try to call you tonight. What time would be best? Did your DD tell you I first asked for "V"...LOL!

    Well one thing that has been really cheering me for the last week or so has been my lilac tree. The drought of last year really seemed to force the trees into tons of blooms (probably not a good sign - but it sure is beautiful). My Dogwood has never been so full of blooms, nor my apple tree and now the lilac tree has out done itself! With all those blooms the scent is not to be believed...just heavenly!:


    Here's a pic for Deanne! :-) The Daybreaker rose standard is just starting to open its flowers. It a very pretty rose, think I'm going to like it a lot. As you can see it needs a good shaping, but don't have the heart to do it until this cycle of blooms are finished. Daybreaker says if I don't get it together, he is moving over to Deanne's house where he knows he'll get a proper pruning! :-)


    So nice to hear of the butterflies and hummers visiting all you gardeners. No hummers here yet, but have seen some Monarchs, Swallowtails and few other butterflies that flitted so fast, I couldn't figure out who they were.

    Funny story...when we had all the "students" here the other day, one of the girls had her chair on the deck, just under the lilac tree and she was commenting on how wonderful it was to sit there, how much she was enjoying the scent of the tree and the beautiful day. I said, "yes, don't you love a perfect day, when the sun is shining, the air is fresh and clean, the birds are singing and butterflies are flitting about"...just as I was getting the words out about "butterflies flitting about", one comes dancing past her face and "thwack", she slapped it out of her way. I was a little horrified, but it was also rather amusing, after what I had just said and the butterfly seemed none the worst for his thwack...he flew up into the lilac tree.

    Suzy I have a weakness for Austin roses too. The blooms are always so beautiful...I *love* cabbagey roses (which he is famous four) and most of his roses have heavenly fragrances too... Just wish they were a little more disease resistant. I guess I've been lucky in that at least the D.A.'s I have have all been winter hardy. Once they have been in my garden for a couple of years I don't even bother to cover them anymore. Some of mine do seem to be weaker growers, Pat Austin is kind of weak in my garden, but I just love her flowers, so I nurse her along every year. How do you plant your D.A's? Is there a better way of planting them to get a better rose or is it for winter hardiness? You do live in a very pretty neighborhood and nice that there are only a few houses on your block.

    Well some happy news (well, for me anyway)...looks like I won't be cooking dinner for the next two weeks. Hubby says he is "too fat" and only wants salads for dinner until he loses weight. He is not "too fat", but oh well, at least I don't have to cook and I suppose a little dieting wouldn't hurt me none either. about some of your favorite salad recipes girls?

    Okay folks, it's getting late and I want to get into the garden to weed and prune before it gets too hot. It's a pretty day here, despite the lack of rain.

    Have a lovely day!


  • Full_Bloom
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Hi Sue! I'm *so* sorry! :-( I was hoping to hear better news! Wish you could send that wet stuff on to Michelle and I! I *know* you wish you could too! TTYL! Ei

  • chloehoover
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    V congrats on the graduation festivities! Theyre a lot of fun, tiring & weepy.

    Marie your Niobe looks so lush & green its foliage seems much lighter than mine (probably location siting?).. I love that Morden Surprise youre really getting into orange this year, arent you. But that rose has such subtle colorations & tinting quite lovely.

    Mary I put my comments on the "suggestions" forum theres a threat re "clips" told them I thought they should keep that to the other areas & not the conversations. Good luck on getting all that year-end school stuff done!

    Suzy wow, other than Free, 50 cents for a plant sounds pretty good to me. Hope you got some fun stuff youve been wanting. Looks like a neat list for such a haul! I may have to check out my local Lowes to see what theyre "giving" away.

    Im feeling a bit blue today Mom is back in hospital w/ sepsis which is not good for someone in her compromised condition poor Dad is running back & forth to hospital I guess this means another trip to PA this weekend that I was hoping to avoid due to large road closures here in the DC area that are going to tie up "the beltway" (aka I-495) the main transit roads around the city guess it means I may have to be on the road by 6 a.m. or something gross like that to try to avoid the huge mess groan, groan.... Guess we all have our share of tending to family illnesses.

    Ei love your Daybreaker standard its going to be fantastic when it all pops! That lilac tree is fantastic as well it reminds me of a huge old one at my Grandmoms house (apparently that tree was the only thing my grandfather tended to faithfully in the yard). Ive always wanted one but have such limited space & in this area they dont put on a very long show. I too love the Austins but am a bit unhappy w/ my Heritage but it has such a wonderful fragrance, everytime I think about hoiking it, the smell says "keep me keep me".... That will surely be a hard thing to have to dismantle your garden but youve got some "experts" here at GW from David to Taryn to give you some tips.

    Count me in on wishing some of that rain would come my way as well (that probably falls in the be careful what you wish for category).... gee, were never happy w/ the weather are we?


  • veronicastrum
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Gosh, there just wasn't enough happening here, so Mystic was happy to help me out. This morning while I was still waiting for the coffee to take effect, Mystic ate a sock. At first, I thought about denial ("No, he didn't really eat the sock, it just evaporated!") but then I decided that denial could result in a crisis just about the time the graduation party was supposed to start.

    So we shipped him off to the vet's office this morning. He got a nice dose of peroxide to induce vomiting, and produced one sock!

    DD, the owner of the sock, is headed out to pick him up. I had them save the sock for her.

    V. the perpetually tired...

  • Lara Noles
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Good Morning, We're having a gentle rainy day here today which we need. Things were beginning to dry out again. So far I've been lucky and haven't had to run the sprinkler yet this garden season. Just when it's getting to that point we seem to have a rain. I didn't mean to be missing from here for so long but have gotten a lot accomplished in the gardens. I was feeling overwhelmed with all I had to do but have finished the containers for the most part and have gotten the most pressing of chores done. Of course there's still the pot ghetto, but it's not so big this year, and planting of annuals to deal with but I'm feeling better about things at this point. I was going to take some pictures this morning before the rain started but had a dead camera battery so that will have to wait. Today will be a day of housecleaning which is badly needed.

    I'm not even going to try to make comments on all I've missed but do want send Taryn my condolences for Bruce. I know he's at peace now but I can't help but think about Gigi and how lost I'd be feeling if I were in her place. I hope she's getting all of the support she needs from friends and family to get through such a tough time. On a happier note, Taryn, I'm so glad things are finally coming together for you on the house front. Your new place is beautiful and has so much gardening potential. I know you'll have it looking even more spectacular once you give it your special touch.

    Sue, Happy Belated Birthday to you. Card to follow when camera's back in commission.

    Marie, I picked up the coolest clematis the other day. It's called Tie Dye. Your clematis walk is really coming together! Can't wait to see it finished and in bloom one day soon.

    V, glad the latest in "adventures with Mystic" turned out ok. Congrat to your dd on her graduation!

    Hi to everyone else! The vacuums calling my name loudly after neglecting all manner of housework for the last week or so. Gotta get back at it!


  • michelle_zone4
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Marian, I ordered my Dell over the phone. That way we could change a few things and they were quite helpful with questions.

    Ei, I will bring you a few cuttings of Vera Jameson in July. It stays about 8-10" tall for me. I have several that I have started from cuttings. We missed the rain too. Although, there is a 60% chance for tonight and tomorrow. I have been spot watering also. The last 2 summers I didnt have to water at all because of such timely rains. We have a well, so it doesnt cost me to water, but it is so much work.

    Suzy, what a haul and the price cant be beat.

    V, what a bummer about the sock incident. I hope all goes well with the graduation party.

    I just knew that Eden was putting together her containers.


  • Full_Bloom
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Okay, just in for a quick break and a cool drink. Do any of you shop at Trader Joe's? Right now I am sipping on the most delicious black tea ice tea from them. It taste just like home brewed and I like it because it's unadulterated; no sugar, no lemon - you have to add your own. Most premade ice teas have too much sugar for me. I also absolutely *love* their Sparkling Lemonade from France! It is so thirst quenching and delicious and as they say - "crisp & fresh". Yumm! I need to do more Trader Joe shopping. Anybody have a product from Trader Joe's that they absolutely love?

    Also, does anybody have any idea what the heck would be knocking over the birdbaths that I filled last night!?! Whatever it is must be pretty big *and* strong. At first I thought it could be kids, but I really don't think so. I have *never* had any problems with kids being destructive to my property. I *do* believe it is a creature and a thirsty one at that. I feel badly for it that it is so desperate for a drink that it pillages my birthbaths. But I'm also pretty upset! One birdbath top had fallen on my red tree peony and broke a major 1 inch thick woody stem. That particular birdbath is *very* heavy. It also knocked over the leaf birdbath I made this year and broke the tip! :-( It also knocked over the small purple bird bath, but no damage to speak of, just a tiny chip. But I am heartbroken about my leaf bath and my tree peony! :-(

    So, I cut one Miss Kim way down - we'll see if she springs back. The other was most definitely dying. I cut it all the way down and hope to dig the stump, but not today. Today I am transplanting my Heptacodium (Seven Son's Tree). I am most concerned because I couldn't even remember its name anymore and had to do a google search to figure it out. There was a time when I could remember every little plant that grew in my garden...the *one* thing I could remember. Anyway, I'm soaking Seven Sons right now and then will *try* to transplant it into the area where the dead Miss Kim is. Probably not the thing to do with no rains, but as they say "strike when the iron is hot" and I have the energy right now to do it. Don't know when I'll have the energy or time to do it otherwise.

    I would also like to transplant a small tree I have, that has been crowded out by Viburnum 'Shasta'. The tree has been there for quite awhile, but not very big because it was a seedling when I planted it and as I say, crowded by Shasta. I'd like to move it to the driveway bed, to give me something nicer to look at outside my dining room window. But maybe I should wait to do that in fall? It's called Maackia amurensis...that I think I bought because it was recommended for its uniqueness, but to be honest, I haven't noticed anything so unusual about it. Maybe it will be more of a knock out once it has a space to call its own.

    Anyway, great to see you Eden! :-) Don't worry, we gardeners understand totally. Glad you were able to get so much accomplished. Did you finish your walkway yet? When you do, I hope you will share pics!

    Thanks Michelle! I would love a piece of Vera. Sorry the rains missed you too. Doesn't look like I'm predicted to get any rain until *maybe* this weekend.

    Well, enough stalling...out to do the dirty deed. I hope Seven Sons will be forgiving...

    TTYL! Ei

  • Marian_2
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Eileen, I have a Maackia amurensis! It is several years old and is going to bloom this summer for the first time.I can hardly wait!
    As for your bird baths, if it isn't kids it must be raccoons. They can be pretty distructive. That is a bummer about the damage. If it keeps on, gardeners will have to barracade their yards.
    It is the antidepressant that caused the nausea. I made sure I took it on a full stomach this morning. So far I feel okay.
    No, I haven't seen about an exchange for my range yet. I will go by the store when I'm done at the Dr. appointment tomorrow.

    Eden, I agee with Ei, we fully understand.

    Thanks for the input on the Dell. I guess I ought to get on the phone,but I sure hate doing business over the phone.

    LOL, V. Maybe you aren't feeding Mystic enough? I'll stick with cats, they are much more picky about what they eat. :-)

    Cindy, I put my opinion of the "clippings" on the Suggestion and Comments forum also.


  • babs_clare
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Sorry I don't have time to write a full post-hopefully later,BUT I *do* have to say...................................................................Suzy!!Did you say perennials at Lowe's for FIFTY CENTS???? I wonder if that's at all the Lowe's....hmmmm Indiana here I come! lol.

    ~B ; )

  • taryn
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Hi everyone!
    Quicky here as I have to get the boys in 10 minuets at 3:15. Appreciate all the good thoughts continuuing for Gigi and the boys. Saturday will be hard, and father's day so close even harder, but she is strong and will be okay. We'll continue to be there for her, as I know a couple of other close freinds and neighbords will too.

    Thanks so much for all the compliments and good wishes on our new home--we're soooo excited! As soon as I found this place online I *knew* this was the one! So glad it's still here now we've finally sold!

    Hehehe, you guys with a Canadian Idyll plan going before I even get in there, lol, no pressure eh? (that's Canadian "eh?") But yes, we could certainly put up a lot of idyllers at the house, and would be half hour to Hamilton's international airport, under an hour to Janie, 1.5 hours to Toronto (not sure where Woody lives there), one hour and 40 minutes to 'Bug. I have a pot ghetto I'm bringing and was just going to toss sunlovers and shadelovers into lasagna gardens for the winter and plan over the winter, but maybe I better save all those cardboard boxes and start planning teh beds sooner? Lol, a possibility, but if so then you'll have to come back AGAIN when my gardens are DONE!

    Haven't done more than scan my name, so quicky to those asking about the outbuildings. There are 3, 20'X between 85 and 100 feet, and they used to be hog barns decades ago. Steel walls, cement floors, wired. Glenn is going to make a 'jam hall' for his band in part of one, a 'spray booth' where he can paint cars in another part, and use the existing shop. We'll turn another one into an indoor skatepark with some ramps for the kids, and storage for all my dad's records at the other end. The other one is already a paintball area, again the kids will love.

    That's all I have time for, gotta go now. Home inspection tomorrow morning, septic system inspection tomorrow afternoon, then insurance is the last condition to remove. Whoohoo!


  • honey_mi
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Hi Idylls! I seem to be doing all the things I hate back-to-back! Last nite I went to the mall and tried on bathing suits. YUK! I tried on a few of those "miracle suits". Well, folks, I need a BIGGER miracle, lol. The only good thing is that Im a few sizes smaller than I was. I dont look better, tho. Man, I hate bathing suits. Cant hide a thing.

    Then I tried on summer clothes and decided on what to take on vacation. The good news was that I can fit into a lot of fav things in the back of my closet. The bad news was they needed a serious ironing. So I ironed upstairs while it was still cool. I hate ironing and hardly ever do it anymore.

    I also discovered that one blouse I bot Sun. is too big, another I dont like and the bathing suit I bot yesterday still has the "security lok" on it. Its one of those inky things, so I have to have them remove it with a special tool. So another trip to the mall is required. GRRRRRRRR.

    After dinner Mon. nite and another day w/o AC repairs, DH and I sat on the deck and he told me that he thot a serious analysis of project/home management was in order. As my "coach", hes reviewed my project performance and found it lacking. He thinks I need to do a "Deep and Wide", then a "5 Why", not to be confused with a "5-Step" and then a
    "Decision Tree" to discover the root-cause of my failure to achieve successful resolution of my assignments. Then, if I dont resolve these difficulties forthwith, he might send me to PAT (Project Analysis Training). Needless to say, he was really skating on thin ice! He did make me laugh, tho, which I really needed.

    Yesterday, I got a surprise phone call from T just to chat. T, it was so great hearing from you! We have to do that more often.

    While on the phone w/T, miracle of all miracles happened YES, the A/C guy showed up WITH the CORRECT part. I had a reeeeaaaaaalllly hard time being civil to the guy, even tho it isnt his fault. Hes OK. Its his co. The A/C is working great, now that we dont need it! I hope that continues.

    Thanks, Babs, for the info on why that doe might be hanging around. It is the season. I just chased her out of Ruths garden. It would be really easy to hide a fawn in the brush out back.

    Deanne, you asked about my dahlias. Well, they are pretty sorry. First, I started them early and they got leggy b/c of low light. So I pinched them back. Then they got too wet, then too cold, then I roasted them in the greenhouse and then the wind broke them off! These poor things gotta be tough. Ive got most of them planted except an Ottos Thrill, a Thomas Edison and a Fascination.

    I bot a few dahlias for my containers.

    Gallery Art Deco:

    Art Deco in a container with Coleus Kingswood Torch, Coleus Stained Glass Copper and Margarite"

    When I was out with Eden, I found "Berliner Kleene". Its hard to photograph and get a good color representation. Heres a pic from the web:

    It really goes well with the "Copperleaf Plant, Coleus "Emerald & Snow" and SPVs: in this container:

    I used it differently on the front porch with Coleus Christmas Candy and Lemon Licorice:

    Heres a new container this yr a gift from our friends and neighbors. In it are: Dahlia Autumn Fairy, Coleus Dark Star, Coleus Curley Freckles, an unnamed copper coleus, and Creeping Jenny.


    Heres another new plant for me this yr: Japanese Morning Glory Mini Bar Rose


    I have the trellis covered b/c its already too wet and its raining. It has real pretty variegated foliage. When it recovers from my drowning it, Ill take a pic of the new trellis and hopefully a healthy looking vine.

    Lastly, do you guys know about the new self-cleaning Verbena hybrids? I have two of the series Temari and Babylon:

    I really like this one next to Hosta montana aureomarginata. It's Verbena Temari Patio Blue

    I have this one in a windowbox. It's Verbena Babylon Carpet Blue

    Sue, I have several areas that need diversification in foliage color and texture, too. It is interesting how looking at the same area from a different vantage point gives a fresh perspective.

    Enough babble from me today. I need to read and comment on what you all have been up to and will comment later. Hi to all!


  • babs_clare
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Oh Honey! I love your color combos/plant choices for your containers! I have that 'stained glass' copper coleus too that I used with a few of Deanne's plants she sent. The blue purples look great with the copper coleus-I might have to get some of the verbena you found to add to my pots. That unnamed coleus in the gift basket reminds me of Coleus 'Sedona'?
    That is such a gorgeous morning glory!Did you grow that from seed??

    BTW Deanne 'Beacon' is budding up for me too! I planted that one among my hostas in the ground by our brick sitting area. I'm pushing the fertilizer and the plants are responding nicely. 'Iresine' is gorgeous! I was afraid I would lose it because it had a slow start but it's coming along-I love when the evening sun shines through the leaves-it glows.

    Taryn sorry-we did sound kind of pressing didn't we; ) Take your time we'll give you a couple years to get settled then we'll descend like vultures.Oops pressure again lol.
    Wow the outbuildings sound so cool-you might not see Glen for days between the car shop and the music studio; ) And will there be a greenhouse one day?

    Mary yes! clip away at the fawn. Anyone may copy that pic if they want it.

    Michelle-you are so sweet! I of course would love some sedum and I'd only take a variegated iris rhizome if you have too many(can that ever be?). I don't have very special plants but I would love to share something with you-maybe I could list what I have and you can decide what you'd like.

    I was wondering if the airlines have probs with passengers toting plants-Sue & others what's your experience? Maybe it ony matters if your leaving the country?

    HI Eden! I can't wait to see those containers!

    : ( no rain today.

    Sorry I can't yap more-Chris says one of our friends is heading toward a divorce so I need to go touch base with him and find out what the heck happened. Chris said this couple seemed really happy and in a good place just a month ago. Why do people get so impulsive when things get rough?

    Little Miss Ei,and how does your garden grow? lol.


  • michelle_zone4
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    I got the dahlias planted tonight and a few miscellaneous annuals. Im going to whip that pot ghetto yet. I spent a little time dead heading which I am far behind with. All the iris are blooming like crazy right now. The roses are getting started.

    Babs, no problem. I have a fairly good size clump of the iris.

    Honey, what eye candy your containers are.

    Ei, I agree about the raccoons. Rick used a live trap to trap some that were in our barn. They were huge, probably 50-60 lbs.

    Look what I found tonight. I usually dont get them until much later in the summer. It must be the warm weather. I planted Asclepias incarnata just to attract them to my yard. Milkweed is the only food that the monarch caterpillars can eat.


    This is the first bloom for this iris. I couldn't remember what I had planted. It is fun to finally see it bloom.


    Night all

  • Full_Bloom
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Good Morning Idylls!

    No time to dawdle...out to the garden with me, much weeding to do, thank you Miss Babs! :-)

    Had to take a moment to comment though...Honey! Your containers are just *gorgeous* (as I knew they would be) and I too *love* all the color combos! What a sweet friend and neighbor to give you that lovely container...such pretty combinations and so thoughtful. Sounds like you have lots of nice neighbors...That's good! :-) I bought a few bulbs of those Gallery Series Dahlias this year, after Deanne's recommendation. My 'Art Nouveau' are doing well, but 'Pablo' doesn't want to seem to sprout! :-( Now I want to try Rembrandt & your beautiful Art Deco...well, actually, I'd like to try them all. I love that they are named after "art"! Still loving your copperleaf....I never did find any...well, I'll keep watching. I wonder if you can carry that one over easily with cuttings, like coleus. Thanks about the tip on verbenas. I love their flowers & colors, but deadheading was a pain. Will have to add those to my list for next fact, I just did! :-)

    Michelle *loved* seeing the caterpillar! *I* think they are beautiful! :-) Your Iris is gorgeous too! Do you know which one it is?

    Good Morning Marian...Hope all goes well with your Dr. appointment and your visit to the store...will be thinking of you! I didn't even know Maackii bloomed! Actually, I didn't remember anything about it, since I bought it so many years ago. Looked in Dirr last night to find out more about it. Says it is a *slow* grower (that makes sense) and he likes the tree. I am definitely going to try to transplant it by the driveway and give it more room to show its stuff. Let me know how you like the flowers and whether they are fragrant...that is so exciting!

    Okay, gotta go...have a great day all! Ei

  • veronicastrum
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Good morning Babs! I've been taking plants on planes for years. I have a well-traveled garden... Anyway, as long as you pack them well, the airlines don't have a problem with them. What I usually do is plan to have room in a carry-on bag to put the plants. If the stems are prone to snapping, I will trim the plant back a little. I'll use some plastic bags to keep the soil and moisture from getting all over everything else in the bag. Small pots travel the best, mostly because if you have more than one, large pots start to get darn heavy! In fact, last year I bought a small viburnum at Variegated Foliage Nursery and I ended up dumping about half of what was in the pot before I packed the plant - it was a rather heavy potting mix. Half a pot of dirt doesn't sound like a lot, but it all adds up!

    And of course, you want to unpack your babies as soon as you get home.

    I had a nice long chat with Ei last night and plans are coming together for July. JULY? DID I JUST SAY JULY??? That's like next month!?! Just kidding, I really am under control. really. Honestly. (If I keep telling myself this it must be true.)

    Seriously, I hope to get a group email out soon, but it may not be until after the grad party on Sunday. I need to get final travel details from a few people and I want to survey a couple of you about some options for Saturday.

    Babs, let me offer a little more unsolicited advice. You posted a few days ago about AJ's school and shrinking class sizes. My DS and DD went to a private school (Montessori) through 5th grade. DS switched private schools at 4th grade because we moved, and his new class had only 6 or 7 boys in it. He never really clicked with that group of boys and that was a big factor in my decision to switch him to the public school at 6th grade. (In our area, middle school starts at 6th grade.) while there are always ups and downs in switching schools, overall I think it worked well for him and the first friend he made in 6th grade is the guy he is currently rooming with at school. I think the key to the small class size is to keep an eye on how AJ is fitting in and getting along. When it's a small number, if you don't fit in you really stick out.

    Here's today's story. You've all heard me talk about the family cabin in Ontario. There is a cabin next to ours that is owned by a family from Wisconsin. They have a daughter the same age as our son. The year that they were both 15, there was a little summer crush thing that went on for the week we were at the cabin. The next year, the summer crush was her best friend who was with her. With email and instant messaging, the kids kept in touch on and off throughout the year. Last summer when we were at the cabin, the big news was that the daughter was engaged and her fiance was with her. It was funny, because she barely acknowledged our presence for the entire week. Well, last night, DS got an invitation to her wedding! I wouldn't have thought this was totally weird if it weren't for the way that she snubbed him (and the rest of us) last summer. Why would you invite someone to your wedding when you can't be bothered to even say hello?

    Ah well, life is funny. time to work!


  • gardenbug
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    It's the real thing! Yes, black spot, heat, rain, caterpillars, mosquitos...and company coming to see the clematis! So I'm on my way out the door to try to do my best before tomorrow.

    Following along and enjoying photos!

  • just_t
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Good morning. Just wanted to mention that I've started a Happy Birthday to EP thread. She is still on dial up, still unable to get into GW---I think the problem is similiar to what Woody experiences, they get a message that something is downloading into their computer when they attempt to log in or GW doesn't recognize their information. EP even re-registered and that didn't work---if my memory is correct. Anyway, when I sent her birthday wishes last night this is what I received.....she says I can share it---so here it is:

    Thanks for thinking of me. I try to read the idylls but the threads get too heavy to open so haven't had an update for a few days. Here, the gardens are beautiful in the morning light and the cat bird is awake and chatting away. Our family are all being adventurous and fullfilling. I am thinking about scrambled eggs and muffins for breakfast and then I think I'll cut some stoksia asters and shasta daisies to decorate the table. Lots of flowers are blooming now including salvias, shastas, stoksias, balsam, day lilies, asiatic lily, Indian blanket, allyssum, lavender, gypsophilia, petunias, verbena, zinnias, crinum lily. The petunias are very fragrant and perfume the air. Most of it is either perennial or self sown. I enjoy going out and wandering. I put together a recipe for muffins that I really like. It includes flax meal and has no fat, eggs, or lactose when made with apple sauce. I like to slice the muffin and spread with cream cheese. Having a happy life and plan to stay that way.. Please let me know when the twins arrive. You may share this with everyone if you wish. I think of and wish the best for everyone. hug. juni (x/ep)
    (juni is the name she uses on another gardening forum site)

    There were a few elk in the upper backyard this morning. Their fur is a deep reddish brown...a very rich and beautiful color against the light green spring grass. One large cow was limping badly. Her right back leg wasn't working properly. Hopefully she only twisted it. There were only 5 elk and none with horns. It is the calving time of the year wonder if that is why they are moving about in such small numbers.

    Overcast and cool this morning. My cup of coffee has gotten cold, I guess I'll go make a new one. DH worked from noon yesterday until 3:30 this morning...he is sleeping and thus my only job will be to keep things quiet until he awakens. Tough job, lol, but someone has to take on the tough duties (this is tongue in cheek, of course).

    Hope all is well with everyone.....

  • honey_mi
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    V, I wonder if the girl in question felt embarrassed and just didn't know how to handle her "former" and his family. Perhaps she's grown a bit emotionally since then and realized how important long-term friendships are or her parents stepped in.

    Thanks, Ei, Babs, Michelle re the containers. I do think that copper one is "Sedona" but w/o a tag I couldn't be sure. I don't know about the copperleaf plant. It's stems are more woody than coleus. But I sure would like to try to overwinter some. It is really a pretty plant even on it's own.

    You guys are so right about our friends and neighbors. They're great people and very special to us. They were the first ones to say "Hi" when we moved in here and we have alot in common. We visit a bit almost every day and often grab a bite to eat and/or a movie together.

    She is a real sweetie. Despite having MS (she's responded wonderfully to some new meds), she works and is very active. Her symptoms are minor and under control. They do give us great, thotful items for xmas. She helps her good friend and sorority sister, a vendor to gift shop owners, every year hold a special sale of the samples. So my friend is able to buy really cool items for pennies on the dollar. I always enjoy looking at the treasures she gets every year.

    Michelle, I love that Iris! Gorgeous. And great shot of that catepillar! Hmmmm, you're definitely up there with the great idyller shutterbugs -- Deanne, Babs, 'Bug, etc. I hear you re the plant ghetto. I'm hoping to make good headway on mine today.

    Marian, hope your Dr's appt. goes well, today. What did you decide to do re your stove?

    Yesterday I stopped at my membership store and picked up another container. DH said, "Yeah, you need another one!" Well, I do. I have too many plants left over and needed another pot to put them in! I know you guys would understand the logic of it.

    I'm glad to hear that you guys, gardening divas all, haven't gotten strong performance out of Beverly Sills. I thot it was just me. I divided her last yr. and was surprized I got blooms from some of the smaller pieces:


    And here are two gorgeous ones that Jain gave me. I think I'm going to find a spot for them in the front landscape. (I miss that girl and still wish she'd post here again!):



    Well, I have to order a plant for a friend who lost his father over the weekend, send out some other cards to ill friends, etc. Thinking of all! TTYL,


  • honey_mi
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    I forgot to respond to Babs -- Babs, no I bot that Japanese Morning Glory and first put it out too soon and second, placed it under a gutter that overflowed during our heavy rains a couple weeks ago. I've been trying to dry out the soil ever since b/c it's clearly too wet.

    I also forgot to acknowledge some of the pix and posts of Cindy, Wendy, Yeona, Sue, Eden, Monique, 'Bug, Taryn, Babs, Mary, Ei and Marian. I'm so looking forward to seeing y'all at IU3!!! Hey V, let me know if I can help!


  • Full_Bloom
    16 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Marian...thanks for checking in! We worry about you; you know? So glad the kids were in to visit with your DS and glad the new stoves suits you better. I was thinking the same as Eden, maybe you could move that air conditioner into your bedroom at night, at least sleeping may be a little more comfortable. How has the weather been for you lately? Are all the pots of color on your deck still making you smile? I hope so! :-) sorry about the dry weather I know how disheartening that can be. Hopefully, the rains will find you soon. It is amazing how quickly things will perk up with a little rain (including our spirits)! :-) Its been dry here too, though weve had an occasional rain, enough to keep things going anyway. And we are expecting more later in the week Im keeping good thoughts about that. When I was checking my weather, I looked up the Davenport area and they are suppose to have some rain this week-end...hope they makes it to you. I *loved* your song...brought back great memories for me; back in the 7th & 8th grade when we use to have Coke dances. Back in the innocent days, when a Coke was a sugary fizzy liquid that you would drink. That song was playing and I was waiting and waiting and waiting for a certain boy to ask me to dance, sadly he never did...but I still love the song! :-)

    Babs! Thanks for sharing your special moment. It sounds like a wonderful time and you are quite eloquent yourself. Dont think Id make it as a writer or a philosopher though, since I had to check for the spelling of eloquent...LOL! Please, Please, Please...share the ant when you guys are done...I cant wait to see him! :-) LOL Babs & Michelle on the PMS. I can say with almost 100% certainty, that I *never* PMS anymore! :-) At my age I just have to call it crabby! :-) Oh Babs...been meaning to say to you...Do you remember when I posted that lavender colored Clematis that Marie identified as Betty Corning? I notice you were saying you wanted a bell-shaped clematis. Well, it is lavender colored and is "bell-shaped" and I have to say that I am loving Betty Corning. This is only the 2nd year and she has just been blooming and blooming and blooming her fool head off, with new buds opening every day. I dont know if thats normal, like I say, I havent had her long, but if she keeps this up she is going to end up being my favorite clematis of all time. BTW, I use to grow the white one you were talking about Sweet Autumn (or whatever they call it these days) and it is a beautiful thing in fall, with tons of fragrant blooms, but you really need a "big space" for it. Pretty enthusiastic and does re-seed. I *loved* mine, but had to finally let her go when she swallowed my honeymoon swing and the telephone pole and seeded herself all over the garden. It was just too hard to keep her in control, but I sure did enjoy her and I sure *do* miss her lovely late summer blooms.

    Honey...I agree totally...thats "TRUE LOVE"! :-)

    Eden I sure hope you can make it, you would be sorely missed, but more than that, I hope that your mom has a successful, uneventful recovery and I will be keeping good thoughts. I cant believe your Graham Thomas...what a knockout! I have him, but he sure doesnt look like yours, perhaps its because hes been moved around the garden at least four times...LOL! Hope everyone in your family is on the mend with the bug thats been going around

    Thanks Mary, you hit the nail on the head! Funny, that is something DH and I talk about all the time, how "things" can never make you happy (although hubby does love a nice car...LOL). But seriously, we have talked about that very subject so many times. How getting caught up in "bigger, better" only steals your "life hours". We have also both agreed that the next house will be smaller and less expensive and DHs goal is to actually take a step back in the career aspect, something with less responsibility and stress and I will find a part time job to fund my gardening hobby...obsession, I mean. I guess that is probably not uncommon for people our age (DH & me) to think in those terms. The older I get, the more I want a simpler life. BTW, good luck with the essay and promotion. I agree with Babs, youre a sure bet.

    My special moment today was finding 3 vintage gardening books for my BF Anitas birthday coming up. I was able to find A Womans Hardy Garden, The Little Bulbs, and Elizabeths German Garden...all in hardcover 1st or 2nd editions...and very inexpensively, I might add! Im so tickled because I know she is going to be so tickled! She has been looking for those 3 books ever since she read mine years ago. :-)

    Thanks for the ID on your Eryngium Marie. That Centaurea is so pretty...your poppy too! :-) Oh and that Petit Faucon what a *gorgeous* color! I think Id like to find a place for that in my garden. Moose tracks sounds really yummy about now. Ive been mulching, mulching, mulching (thats why I havent been back here) and I bet I could still use about 20 more bags...sigh. I will say that spreading by the bag is easier than when Ive had the "pile" delivered here, but its probably a bit more expensive too in the long run.

    Sue...I laughed when you said "Will it never end?" and then Marie said "Hopefully not." I agree with you both! I know I always want to futz in the garden, its my hangout and my respite, but sometimes I think, just *once* it would be so nice to walk into the garden and think "How lovely and there is not a single thing I need to do, but enjoy it!"

    Hi V! :-) Ive been thinking about you. Glad you had a reward for all your hard work. I love a good cookie too...sometimes they dont even have to be baked! :-) Your talk of Starbucks has convinced me I need to get over there and get myself a Frappuccino. I deserve it after all the mulching!

    Well, I guess I best be moving, first to Starbucks and then back out to the garden. "Hi" to all I missed. Hope everyone has a great day! TTYL!


    The Ink Spots - Java Jive

    I love coffee, I love tea
    I love the java jive and it loves me
    Coffee and tea and the java and me
    A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup (boy!)

    I love java, sweet and hot
    Whoops Mr. Moto, I'm a coffee pot
    Shoot the pot and I'll pour me a shot
    A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup

    Oh slip me a slug from the wonderful mug
    And I'll cut a rug just snug in a jug
    Waiter, waiter, percolator
    I love coffee, I love tea
    I love the java jive and it loves me
    Coffee and tea and the java and me
    A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup

  • markargentino_hotmail_com
    14 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago


    The song that you are referring to above "life's simple pleasures are the best..." is from Van Camp's Pork and Beans television commercial sometime in the 60's is my guess, when I was a kid.

    I've been searching for the jingle for Van Camp's Pork and Beans that has the 'simple pleasures are the best' I have that song in my head, but I really want to have it on my computer so I can play it to remind me of the simple times back in the early 60's and also to play to my wife who has never heard it before.

    Do you know where I can get a copy of the song to listen to?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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