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Special Vanda Orchid

15 years ago

Hi, i have a vanda plant that i bought from a very responsible orchid grower in ebay and its a vanda i have never seen before( they also have a green house here in orlando, fl which i visited a couple of time already) and my plant was doing great in the beginning. the next day once having the orchid home with me i saw that it had long roots i know that you should not cut off the roots of a vanda too short so i only cut one inch off. later on and now it has lost two pairs of leaves( 4 leaves in total) and the roots have turned very dry; even when i soak it in water it doesnt have that green anymore. Well the thing is i feel really frustrated and dissapointed because i didnt want my vanda to lose any leaves because they look nice with all the leaves intact and i am trying to make it grow new roots but it looks so hard to do so i have been waiting a while now.. i would appreciate any help available. i would like to buy a rooting hormone formula but i think i have heard that messes around with the plants hormones + growth so i would like to use something natural and organic. I dont know if its because i give it some of my tap water since it hasnt rained, maybe my water is too hard, etc? I appreciate the help, answers. thanks.

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