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Spring bird sightings

16 years ago

It's migration time! And today I parked my butt in the chair and watched the birdies for several hours. I was rewarded with a Louisiana waterthrush down in the ravine, a new yard bird for me! And he was singing his little heart out! I also had a quick glimpse of a yellow-rumped warbler in his beautiful breeding colors. The brown thrasher was under the feeder this morning as well as the eastern towhee and a field sparrow. I had two brown creepers - they are such fun birds! The phoebe's have been singing and the chipping sparrows are back. The day ended with a pair of coopers hawk that were hunting together.

My neighbor has acquired 5 guinea fowl that he is letting free range. Unfortunately they are in my yard most of the day. I'm not sure I'm happy about this, I worry about what that will do to my bird visitors - they were not happy about them being under the feeders.

Anyone else seeing migrants or the return of summer residents?

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