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Help, in need of Wisdom regarding St. Augustine Grass!!!

10 years ago

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully you can help. I have either lived in a townhome or apartment all my adult life until about 2 months ago, when I rented a home. From my rental history you can tell that I dont know much about grass. I live in central Florida, and I do know that your not suppose to cut the grass short here. I also know that my grass is St. Augustine. My neighboor mentioned that the owner of our home has always had issues with this particual area of the yard. The problem:

*hopefully the pic uploaded successfully*

1. The grass is clearly brown and dead.

2. I have found many different weeds: nutmeg, dollar weeds, and more I dont know.

3. I have a sprinkler system and the lawn gets plenty of water yet doesnt grow.

4. It didnt help that the other week my father in law surprised me by cutting the law extremely short. He is from Arkansa, and said, "we cut it real short up north so it grows back green." I told him thats not how it works in Florida, but thanks dad.

So there you have problem. As a renter Im not looking pour tons of money into a lawn that isnt mine; however, I would like to take care of it and get it to grow back and be healthy.

Oh, one other neighboor stated that the owner had even gone as far as resoding this entire area and it still died again and looks this way?

Hopefully you can help. A step by step method would be great. Please speak to me like a little child (as far as lawn care terms) because I dont know a thing. Thanks again for input.

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