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Help please! SERIOUS cuke beetle infestation

14 years ago

Striped AND spotted cuke beetles in my veggie garden. Mostly around cucumber and bush zucchini plants. There are sooooo many I can't even pick them all. They have gotten so bad that more than 80ft away, in my flower and herb garden around house, I've seen them there also- on hanging petunia plant, vining wild yam,- sitting on back porch and one just flew right past me.

Due to these bugs and some others ( they are really bad this year) I've only gotten a few zukes. In fact, all veggie plants are either plagued by bugs and dx.

So my question is: Do I pull up the the cucumber, squash, and bean plants? Will removing the "host" plants remove the spotted and striped cuke beetles?

Or will they all fly over to the garden around my house?

I don't mind a bug munching on an annual, even losing crops, but I don't want them spreading dx to my important perrenials around house.

I'm stumped as to what to do.

Please tell me how to get rid of these guys for good!!!!!

Thank you.

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