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Recipe for Plant Sprays/Insect Repellents

15 years ago

I've been doing some searches on your forum for various solutions for rose rust, bug repellents for plants and people, etc. and have found some promising results, but can't seem to find specific recipes. For example, I purchased several kinds of essential oils after reading positive posts regarding neem, lemon eucalyptus, catnip & other oils, but I don't know how to mix the stuff. In what proportions are they added, and to what are they added -- another oil? Water? Alcohol?

I'd appreciate any recipes you have (sometimes the post will list ratios, but I don't always know what that "other ingredient" ratio is referring to...).

I'm specifically looking for:

1. A kid-friendly mosquito repellent (my kids aren't bothered a whole lot by them, but this year seems worse than most...)

2. A serious mosquito repellent for me (I have to use the 95% deet stuff just to water a few plants in our yard). We live in Va. Beach and I seem to attract every Asian Tiger mosquito in the vicinity...

3. Something to use for rust on roses (I'm trying a milk/water solution I read about, but have also read that neem oil is useful -- just didn't know how much and how to mix...).

If it matters I won't be doing any huge overall sprayings of the plant solutions -- we've got a small garden and it'll be used for individual plants showing problems.

Thanks for this and other information I've already gotten from the website -- I'm an organic gardening newbie but am having promising results so far, and my children are very proud of how they're helping the environment. mcaren

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