I think he would like to be friends but doesn't know how.

13 years ago

A very large orange neutered male cat has been showing up in our yard once in a while. He shows no interest on our cat's food dish but he will go to about 6' from you and roll on his back and just look at you rather as he were saying "see what a handsome guy I am". He will do the same to Spook, our cat, that doesn't work, Spook hates all cats and growls and I believe swears at him in cat language.

We have a huge clump of catnip at the edge of our garden for Spook and her salads. I broke off a big piece of it and tossed it to the orange cat and was treated to a show of calisthenics and cat gymnastics. He then stood up and meowed with the weakest, tiniest meow.

Wish I could eat a salad and do gymnastics.

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