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Should I get rid of bumble bee nest? How?

13 years ago

FYI, I have also posted this on the Bee forum, but I'm interested in the organic gardener's perspective.

We have a troublesome bumble bee nest in the ground in our front lawn just next to our 50' perennial border. My husband mows the lawn - that's how we found the bees. He mowed right over their home and them came out and attacked him (no surprise). He was only stung once, but we still need to mow. He is currently mowing around the nest and trimming the grass near the nest by hand. We have two allergic children and a very happy-go-lucky dog who all play in the front yard.

How beneficial are these bees? (I think that they are common eastern bumble bees, but I'm a novice at identifying.) They do not seem very aggressive, but will they become more of a problem as the summer progresses? Would you get rid of the nest? What is the best way?

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