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Musin' on a Monday

12 years ago

Been slowly putting my window farming system together. I'm not in a hurry as the sun is in it's summer arc and does not shine directly into my sun room. I'm doing it the low rent route, um, the eco-terrorist, um, eco-friendly way. Recycling cola bottles and old aquarium equipment. Had to buy the net pots, hydroton, and liquid nutrients. It makes for something to do. Thanks, Jazz, for the head up to the window farms website.

I dragged out my seed stash and was shocked that I still have seeds from 1998. Decided to use the wet paper towel and baggie method to see if I can get these seeds to germinate. I'm trying to get several varieties of lettuce, one variety of seedless cucumbers, and a few other leaf vegetables. Will test a few flower seeds too.

Do you know if you do a web search for hydroponics 80% of the hits you will get deal with growing that "undocumented" cash crop? Hmm, I have bought from a few hydroponic online shops. Have I gotten myself on the FBI's watch list? Called a certain friend of mine who works in law enforcement and asked him. He said only those who spend mega bucks usually trip the radar. This is a friend that flies a helicopter and looks for outdoor fields of that "undocumented" cash crop. I didn't mention my heirloom poppies to him. They are some of the most beautiful flowers, really.

Methinks I will try to grow watermelons and pumpkins hydroponically. I don't know it it has been done and frankly don't care. I will use 5 'gallon buckets for this. It's time to plant them outdoors anyway. Timing, for pumpkins anyway, is everything. Don't want them to mature too soon or too late.

I have no garden to speak of this summer. I should do right well come fall and winter though.

So, what do you have in your garden this summer and are you enjoying any of the fruits of your labour?

Seems we have moved from Tornado weather, to drought and now to monsoon season, in the last few months. Thunderstorms in the afternoon are our daily forecast now.

There is a 5K in Athens this Saturday. Will run in it. Saturday afternoon there's a party on the water, at the confluence of the Anderson Creek with the Elk Rivers. It it accessible by boat only. If the weather is nice I will take the sailboat. If the weather is dodgy, I will take the kayak. If it's thundering and/or lightning, I'm stayin' home. It's 50/50 call on the weather this Saturday.

Must run down Abbey's sequel to The Monkey Wrench Gang. Strange, I had to run to a dictionary more often than usual for that last book.

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