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newbie here - am I on the right track?

14 years ago

I just got 3 Phalaenopsis and know absolutely nothing about orchids. I read that they should be watered once a week only and fertilized once a month with 30-10-10, no direct sun and lots of humidity and to cut the spent bloom off after the first node, so it blooms again.

They have been at a big box store, inside, for a few months now, so I assume I should fertilize them soon and get them into sunlight before they die. They are in 6" clay pots in sphagnum, still blooming but 2 are almost finished and the third still has a ways to go as it has quite a few closed blooms yet. One has a yellow bottom leaf but they all have 6-8" healthy leaves, about 6 to each plant.

My apartment is on the dry side and I'm in zone 3a so I was planning on misting them in the morning and putting them on a humidity tray plus I also have a humidifier. I have them in a bright spot, behind sheers with a western exposure.

Is there anything else I need to do?

Or anything I plan on doing that's wrong?

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