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Catt tales... or how I am trying to revive this one

14 years ago

Thanks again for all the advice and instructions on how to help my catt recover. It was QUITE the adventure today, but I hope to see some success in the not distant future.

I went in armed with:

A pair of sharp scissors

An exacto knife

A container of Clorox wipes (for disinfecting the tools of destruction between each cut)


When I removed the top inch of pellets, the whole plant came out in a clump. As was mentioned earlier - it seems almost all the roots had dessicated and were now soggy and seemed to be heading towards rot. Many of them were plump, but they were an icky brown color and even the slightest tug slid them off the threadlike center and they were pulpy yucky messes. As I trimmed (wiping the blade between each cut) I realized the entire plant was completely "gone" towards one side and a gently pull separated it into two sections.

I started with the smaller piece and trimmed all the squishy roots, dusting the cut parts with cinnamon. This piece ended up with several viable roots and, though shriveled, 5 pbulbs and green leaves. First I removed as much of the papery sheaths covering the pblubs, then I soaked it in a weak fert solution then dusted with cinnamon and put it in a pot with some bark and it already looks happier. Well, okay, I am happier so I am trying to project positive energy on it LOL!


The other piece was much more problamatic. Almost all the roots were gone, so after trimming there really wasn't a lot left. I soaked it for 15 minutes in a weak fert solution then dusted it and set it back on the surface of the pellets with the few roots placed carefully between a few. Should I drape a few pieces of sphagnum over it? Any further suggestions?


I can keep misting them both with the weak solution, but I am open to any more suggestions on trying to get them going again.

I also wanteed to thank everyone who provided info and advice on my original post.


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