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Orchid Pseudobulbs

15 years ago

hi, i am kind of new to growing orchids, even though i do have knowledge of them because i have been doing ALLOT of research since i got stung by the orchid bug and know have the orchid fever! anyway i just wanted to know where or if someone could tell me the growing pattern of cattleyas, oncidiums, etc. Because i have some cattleyas including the cattleya hawaiian passion 'carmela' and wanted to know if the psuedobulbs that have already bloomed before will bloom again next season or if they just remain, and if they just remain then what should be done to help keep the plants able to make more blooms because i have seen specimen plants that have ALLOt if blooms each growing season how does that happen? also my cattley hawaiian passion is a mericlone and not a division it has allot of plants, is it okay to have to many plants around each other, will it cause any negative affect. I appreciate any correct information, because i really want to know how some orchid bloom the next season. Thanks Much...

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