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I'm having a real problem

11 years ago

I'm really upset. I have army worms on my tomatoes. This is correct. I looked up information for days, and this is what I have. I have been fighting them on my tomatoes leaves for 4 days now. This is what has gone down.

Day 1. Hand picked/Dusted with DE/hand pick

Day 2. Still going strong

Srpayed off with water before bees came out (5:45)

Hand pick/Sprayed with neem oil

Day 3. Hand pick/hand pick/hand pick

Dusted with DE

Day 4.Sprayed off with water before bees came out (5:45)Hand picked (now).

I understand that new colonies are breaking out but this is the biggest problem that I'm having, some of them are larger than yesterday??????????????????? How is this possible? No way did that DE dusting not hit them. It got to me. They are a tiny soft shell worms. They got dusted, cralwed through the DE, then ate it????????????? What the heck. The only other information I can give you is that my DE is food grade for animals, the type you would get at a vets office.

Help, I'm sleppy and do not want to get up at 5:45 anymore.LOL

Thank you,


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