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Help, poison ivy. What can I use to get rid of it?


We are battling some poison ivy coming into our yard under our fence and one section that evidently seeded it self near our chimney and has wound its way up into Boston Ivy! We hand removed a lot last year. This year there is very little in our yard, except in the Boston Ivy, but one of our neighbor's has been ill and they aren't able to take care of their yard much. They must have an infestation of it along our lot line. It keeps coming through our fence between pickets, under the fence in a number of locations and looks pretty large and vigorous.

We could just keep cutting it off, but it is just going to keep coming back and I'm afraid we are going to miss some and someone is going to get the rash. Some people have recommended Extra strength round up on the leaves, which would travel to the plant on the other side of the fence and kill the whole plant. I have been organic for 25 yrs and hate to do that. Are there any other ideas of what I can do?



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