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Green Leaves - Carbon or Nitrogen?

13 years ago

Earlier this year, my wife and I took another step towards organic gardening by buying a compost tumbler. This is a transition year for us, so the convenience of the tumbler is perfect for us.

The FAQ, "How do I know the difference between GREENS and BROWNS?", says, "All Leaves ... are usually always considered 'BROWNS' or 'CARBON' sources" except for Oak. A bit over a week ago, I dumped a whole bunch of green leaves (from shrubs and bushes) into the tumbler. Afterward, to offset this large amount of browns/carbon, I've only been adding greens/nitrogen.

Something doesn't seem right. Then I found the Soil and Compost forum. According to the Intro FAQ, it seems green leaves are fresh and moist, and should be considered "greens/nitrogen". Am I interpreting this correctly?

Who is right? Are green leaves a source for carbon or nitrogen?

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