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Brown recluse on a radish?

15 years ago

I've got radishes everywhere. I do like them, but they're really for trap crops for flea beetles and repellent for cuke beetles. I keep pulling them to see if one is ready to eat, and there was a spider on a leaf.

Spiders good. Except this surely looked like a brown recluse. I'm sure it had the violin on its back, though was a small guy. Didn't have my camera with me and didn't have my gloves on so I couldn't squoosh him.

I'm not scared of spiders in general, though I'm terrified of brown recluse, having been bitten a few years ago. (Was very ugly) I did not have a garden at that time (lived in an apt) and never knew when/where he bit me. Only found out when I had a gangrenous hole show up.

Now I'm a tad paranoid. I've got a real jungle going out there, because I've done crazy interplanting and companion planting. Everything is so healthy (so far, knock on wood!) and lush, but it's truly a jungle.

We do have brown recluse around here, but do they hang out on radishes in the garden?? I thought they were supposed to live in attics and garages in the dark. This radish, however, was among a mass of them UNDER some cucurbits, so definitely a shady spot. Good cover.

What do you think, and if I have them, what do I do short of wearing a hazmat suit? Ack.

Spidey was not aggressive, but I just stared at him as best I could without getting too close.

I am spooked. Brrrrrr.

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