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Growth finally looks good on Milt. Rene Komoda 'Pacific Clouds'

I wanted to follow up on new plant status. I bought this milt in November on HD "discount"; it was potted in bark, really dry, and the spikes had been cut off--but seemed okay otherwise. I did not water it very much b/c I wanted it to acclimate to my indoor conditions. I watered it occasionally b/c it was winter and I was disappointed to find the new leaves that were slowly growing showed a lot of horizontal pleating.

About a month ago, when I saw some new root growth, I repotted to loose sphagnum w/styrofoam in the bottom half of the pot. The roots are growing at an amazing rate now and the leaves stopped growing out pleated and the new growth is smooth. The most exciting part, for me, is that it looks like a new p-bulb is developing!!! I'm very, very excited :-)

If only my ctna would do better, but maybe it wasn't meant to be...

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