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Rabbit manure and tomato's

10 years ago

I have 70 tomato plants this year . Recently retired . I 'm hoping to spend a little time at my local farmers market for the fun of it . Also to help finance my gardening passion.
In each planting hole I mixed in about 3 scoops of my finished compost, and a scoop of rabbit manure. After the plants got about a foot tall I mulched with unfinished compost.My plants are all looking great . Some hybrids Better Boy,Parks Whopper, Early Girl, Golden Jubillee and Large Red Cherry. Several Heirlooms - Kelloggs Breakfast, Anna's Russian, Amy's Sugar Gem, Long tom, Bloody Butcher, Marianna's Peace, Black Krim and Mortgage Lifter.
All plants are setting fruit . The Kelloggs Breakfast are 5 ft. Tall .
My question is should I or do I need to fertilize again or is the big scoop of rabbit manure in the planting hole enough for the entire growing season. Oh I did spray the plants with epsom salts when they started blooming.
I could make compost tea and or rabbit manure tea if needed. I just dont know if I need to go to the trouble since the rabbit manure is supposed to be slow release.

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