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Try Try Again ( hopefully the start of a lengthy debate)

James _J
9 years ago

I have been coming here almost daily for about 10 years or so, but seldom do I post anything. At first because I was here to learn and then because I cant type, and somewhat because after all this time I still am not sure I know anything about growing orchids. But since I'm posting I would like to hear from other lurkers out there.

I have a personal rule of 3 strikes then you're out, if a particular plant dies on me 3 times I move on to something else. There are a few plants that are exempt from this rule because, ..... well just because.

One of these plants is Aerangis Citrata, after buying and killing countless plants I finally have had one for over a year that is doing nicely and is in spike. Others include Miltoniopsis and Masdevallias both of which I have recently after years of trying have been finally able to grow.

So here's my question. What plants have you killed the most of and how did you finally succeed.

Bonus question, I feel that almost any orchid can be grown anywhere if you can figure out the formula. Something like " plant + media + pot + environment + ( human input) = flowers. I don't know how to write formulas but if you take the two constants (plant & environment you can provide) and adjust the variables ( media, potting, human input) what would that look like?

PS, I had a few drinks after work so this may not make sense in the morning . Sorry


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