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when to cut back a cut back spike

17 years ago

Hi All - I've got a phal Kirby Cassviola 'sweet fragrance' (cassandra alba x violacea alba) - About 3 or 4 months ago I cut back the spike to 1/4 inch above a high node to initiate a 'subspike'. About a month ago it started to send out a new spike from the cut back area. The spike (what is the proper term for when a growth develops on a node from a cut back spike) is about 1/2 inch now and is growing slowly. Last week I noticed a brand new spike was developing at the base (from a higher leaf)! It is now 1/4 inch. There might even be a second new spike (it's been there for about a month, and at first I thought it was a root emerging but it looks like a nub of a spike that is 'dormant' in the sense that it is stunted and hasn't grown any more. SOOOO my question is: do I cut back the spike all the way (the one that is initiating a 'subspike') so that all the plants energy go into developing the new spikes and developing new buds, or do I let it be the way it is now (with the 2 new spikes and the 'subspike')? The plant is very healthy. I keep it in an orchidarium and it gets 60% humidity and is 65-70 at night and about 85 during the day. I use a mixture of cool and warm fluorescents.

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