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I need to vent: first time organic gardener worn out already

15 years ago

I started gardening for the first time this year and decided to go all organic. Spent a year or two making composts and preparing beds, getting devoured by mosquitoes and dealing with all sorts of crazy animals living in the compost pile (frogs, snakes, bees, swarms of crickets and very very aggressive birds, lol) . Then when I sowed seeds, I had to deal with birds and rabbits destroying seedlings. After trying all sorts of crazy tricks (pepper wax, mylar tape, balloons, scarecrows, fake snakes, invisible fence, etc), it seemed like they only started leaving my plants alone when they become more established...who knows if anything I did worked. Then, just when I thought everything was safe, the slugs emerged from their slumber and started to decimate everything in sight. A two to three week application of sluggo has seemed to do the trick, but now here comes the huge swarm of striped cucumber beetles. I had no clue what was causing the damage to my melons until it was too late, and now there are no more melons to look forward to.

I thought I would be saving money doing organic backyard gardening, but I've spent so much money on pest control alone. Oh man plus the countless dollars and man hours I've wasted from sheer beginner's ignorance, buying the wrong or unnecessary things, transplanting and seed starting woes, or planting things wayyy too late or early in the season and thereby killing them off.

Now the crazy weather and constant rain for the last month and a half is taking a toll on my peppers and roses. Black spot galore and powdery mildew everywhere. I'm half expecting a huge hurricane or tornado to come and wipe out everything I have left

It's only been a few months and I'm already exhausted!

ARHG!! Gardening is tough! :( I think I will have to treasure my inevitable single ear of corn like a bar of gold

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