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Anyone ordered from these growers?

11 years ago

Spring fever's hitting hard this year, and there are some almost-gotta-haves that I'm finding only @ one vendor, except 2 vendors have one plant.

Can anyone pass along fairly recent experiences?

1. Al's - Dtps. Millie's Distant Pride (Phal. Distant Star 'A' x Sogo Pride 'Lemondrop')


2. Carter & Holmes - Nakamotoara Newberry Apricot_Vandafinetia Virgil (Neofinetia falcata x Vanda cristata) and Ascocentrum curvifolium (from Thailand)


3. Clown Alley - Dendrobium lamyaiae. Their site says it's spelled âÂÂlanyaiae.âÂÂ


4. Clown Alley - Encyclia adenocaula

4. Dragon Argo - same plant


5. Hausermann's - in general

6. Norman's - Are they more reliable these days?

7. Owens Orchids - Phal. Cordova 'Maria Teresa', AM/AOS


And just for subtlety, from EOM:


Thanks much!

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