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Auugh Concrete Dust All Over My Organic Veggie Garden

13 years ago

So i just got a patio installed with concrete pavers in my 40x40 yard, crammed with about 100 edible veggies and flowers. Stupid me, stupid contractors....I didn't realize they'd be cutting the pavers and getting the concrete dust ALL OVER MY ORGANIC VEGGIES! I should have just covered it all with sheets, I even already had them out there, leftover from the frosty nights of fall. Now everything is completely covered in concrete dust. I knew I shouldn't have gotten these stupid toxic concrete pavers in the first place, but I couldn't afford the recycled pavers which cost twice as much. I'm so upset.

I've tried researching it, and found some info about the toxicity of concrete dust, but of course nothing about organic edible gardens. Does anyone know, how much I should be worried?

I can't really rinse it off the plants, because then it will just seep into my raised beds. But then there isn't any other way to get rid of it. And it is raining right now, seeping into my carefully fertilized, veganic edible beds. Is my garden ruined? Will it ever be organic again?

Here is a link that might be useful: blog about my garden, with pics

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