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A miracle cure: Smoke in the ear.

12 years ago

For some reason Leone and I were talking about the home remedys we used to endure at home as children. I'm sure most were handed down from a string of grandmothers.

All scraped knees were treated with lots of iodine, if you didn't have two orange knees you really weren't with it..Vinegar baths were for sunburns. Warm water with baking soda for heartburn or sore throats. Just the thought of having to use it usually made it much better.

Stomach flu was often a little better, thats when the Jello water which I guess was just Jello disolved in warm water and you drank it before it began to gel. If you had a fever you could lie down with a cold washcloth on your forehead sure to reduce the fever and I suppose rehydrate you by osmosis. One of the worst was the onion poultice used on the chest if you had a bad chest cold and congestion, not sure how it was made but it sure didn't smell very good. For earache if you had somone around that smoked blowing tobacco smoke in the affected ear was a sure cure or if that didn't work grandma kept a corncob pipe that she put a wad of cotton soaked in chloroform in the bowl then put the stem of the pipe in the ear and blew on the bowl, guess it must have helped we seemed to get better in spite of all these home remedys.

Grandma insisted that I had to have a tonic every spring, she didn't use the one she had to take, sulfur and mollasses but bought some patent medice tonic that tasted like a mixture of rusted nails and orange peel. And twice every summer I had to to take a worm medicine Jayne's Vermifuge, don't know why I remember the name unless the taste really impressed me even to this day. Probably didn't need it but it was the thing to do.

I'm sure there were lots of other home remedys but don't remember them. Tthe doctor was consulted only for broken bones or shots or something that baffled grandma and that wasn't often, he did charge $3:00 for an office visit.

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