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Tip Of Orchid Stem

10 years ago


I have a Phalaenopsis orchid in my home. I've had it for about 4 years. It has bloomed twice, missed a year, and is currently growing a stem and will bloom again this year.

This morning I readjusted the clips holding the stem to the stick, because it has grown a lot lately and I wanted to straighten it out. As I was readjusting it, my nail clipped the top of the stem and cut it off. It's just the very tip, with only one bud between the cut and the tip. The stem still has 3 buds and one branch shoot.

Is there anyway the orchid can continue growing and allow for more flowers even though the tip is off? Right now I have the cut area reattached to the stem with a piece of wet gauze. I've seen suggestions to do this and also to cut it back to the last bud and let it keep growing.

Please help! I was so excited it was going to flower this year!


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