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Neighbor has a stagnant small water feature smelling..

18 years ago


I know I am full of problems this We have been renovating the back yard therefore more opportunities for problems. While working out there, we have noticed a very bad odor. We figured out it was coming from our neighbor's yard. Thought it might be their dogs, but finally figured out it is a small stagnant home made pond that is about 4 feet in diameter, right along our lot line. Every time the wind blows in this!

Thankfully it is not an area where we ever sit, and is away from the house, but I will be working in that area more since adding shrubs and perennials.

My concern is not only the smell, but I am wondering if there is any potential for health risks breathing that? I would rather not have to confront them with it, but if it becomes more of a problem when we are outdoors more or the temperatures warm up, I may have to.

Any experiences with this?


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